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The time is now and the choice is yours! What reality do you choose to live in? One of drama and chaos or one of joy and abundance...
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Comments Posted on Mar 16, 2011 08:43PM

When something as dramatic as the present situation in Japan happens I always try to look for the bigger lines, energetically as any idea of punishement is not a part of my world.

Here a few things I have noticed. Maybe you have found others.

As I watched the photage of the tsumani and and saw its progression I thought of World War 2. I have seen in Bali how the Japanese are still met with animosity. It seemed to me that the immense flow of water was a cleansing of the last residues of the war. Water cleanses though not always gently.

It seems to me that is hard for Asia to keep hating a people that now face the trouble that Japan faces. Instead compassion is found – an opening of the heart. And perhaps even the old mix of guilt and war fare is replaced by admiration of how the Japanese handle all the challenges of earth quake, tsunami and nuclear threat.

“The Day We Sang The Cities Away”

Comments Posted on Mar 16, 2011 09:21AM

To my surprise I find that I am not really fond of being right – at least not when it comes to big serious things that happens to the world such as problems with nuclear plants in Japan.

I have gotten used to being wrong about the glimpses I apparently catch of the future. Right now I am writing on a novel in Danish, “The Journey from Utopia”, that I started working on half a year ago. In this book Utopia is huge urban society in the future that has solved all practical problems but where the inhabitants are dying out at an alarming rate due to genetic defects.

Even further back I wrote the story, “The Day We Sang The Cities Away”, a story I am very fond of with an unusual angle to how we can eventually clean up the mess we have made on Earth. The first real test in the story is the clearing of a broken down nuclear plant.

I am a bit spooked by this.

I thought about posting the story on the blog but it is fairly long. I suggest instead that you send me an email if you want cheering up and I’ll send you the story.

Subconscious saxophone

Comments Posted on Mar 12, 2011 02:47PM

Both my husband and my son has absolute pitch. It is a great joy to have piano playing people of this caliber in the house. Peter can in fact play just about any song on any instrument you throw his way. How about “Smoke on the water” on recorder?

The only thing is that we have all basically forgotten that I was the one who brought the piano into the relationship and in fact had great joy in playing it myself. I have also accepted a long time ago that I will never be a great singer. Turns out I have a past life as a jazz singer and that passion (but not the talent) has kept me company this time around as well.

In fact I do as per definition not play any instrument nor sing anything other than childrens songs at bedtime – and they are getting too big that. The kind of talent the rest of the family has is quite intimidating.

But several years ago I somehow managed to give Peter as a present an instrument he does not play. It was a mistake. I heard him say that he had played a saxophone and I loooove saxophones so in a way the present was quite egoistic. I just wanted to listen to the sweet sound. Problem is that I knew more about playing the saxophone from the 6 months training I rewarded myself many years ago than Peter. Peter can make it sound only like a ferry leaving the dock. And though the ferry can play songs it is not much of a treat.

Lately I have been eying the saxophone wondering if perhaps, not in that dark of the night, but maybe in the morning when all have left the house, I might take up playing it a bit again. When Peter got the saxophone I simply could not find my old book with lessons, though I found other old pieces for the instrument. Yesterday I was cleaning out a drawer – and out comes the lesson book! I am positive that it was not there the last time and that we never did find it previously.

Now all the pieces are back together – there is even a single read left of the old reads that worked well for me. So I can get more of the same kind. I guess I am running out of excuses except the one about not having enough time. But I know that we make time for what we really want to do. Maybe I should try… Some part of me is sure eager to go.

I miss Scotland!

Comments Posted on Mar 11, 2011 10:33PM

A funny mood is with me these days – actually there are several, but I want to write about the mood that really makes me miss Scotland.

It’s crazy. I have been there twice – in this life – and without bothering to count I would say it was at least 20 years ago.

I remember it vividly. The weather was rotten but that was part of the beauty. All the rolling hills were radiently green and somewhere in the distance there would be a crack in the cloud cover with the sun rays sparkling off the granite village on the hill side.

There was the whiskey, and no surprise that it was invented in Scotland. You needed it to get warm again. And then of course the language, probably the most sexy English related dialect.

I don’t know why I suddenly miss t so much. I have dug out all of my old Runrig CD’s and play them in the car singing along with my best approximation of a Scottish accent. Memories come back to me of being a young ‘lass’ trying to talk my love into fighting against the English. Well, you can guess how that went.

Too far out

Comments Posted on Mar 10, 2011 12:24PM

I overdid it a bit at yoga today – quite an experience.

Our teacher started us out with a meditation – listen to the sounds right around you, listen to the sounds father away…

First I listened to the sounds from the work-out room on the other side of the glass doors of the yoga room. Then I figured I could hear the cars on the street and – zooooom – I was listening to an ambulance on the other side of the globe and a baby crying a million miles away and…

At first I had a huge smile on my face. This was funny. I am sure that this was not what the teacher had intended. How marvelous to be able to reach so far so fast and encompass the whole globe. But then I started taking in the impressions from the whole globe. Whoa! Cut!!

I pulled back as fast as I could with tears starting in my eyes. I even opened my eyes to get fully back to where I was and hugged my knees for a bit. After that, I listened only to the sounds of my own body. I was not going out there again!

The art of balance

Comments Posted on Mar 09, 2011 10:19AM

As I got better at getting grounded and fully centered in myself I realized something very important.

It is not a question of if you will loose your balance. You will. It is a question of how fast you realize that it has happened and how fast you get back into alignment.

Manifestations in 3D

Comments Posted on Mar 07, 2011 11:48AM

A couple of years ago I had a fun time with something I picked up from the people that are today – Seeing the real in the unreal and seeing the unreal in the real.

I’ll try to remember to share some of the funny insights with you another day. It was just I was reminded of it today.

This is what apparently happened: I read in a news letter that the local department store was having free make-overs with my favorite make-up brand. I went to the department store today when they opened and got an appointment for 30 min. later. Perfect.

As usual when a make-up artist is doing my face we get to talking. I seldom start out with the I-am-spiritual part. But I don’t mind that line of there is an interest. In this case there was certainly an interest – and an awful lot of synchronisity as well. By the time we were done (with the makeover) the woman looks at me in wonder and asks “Who sent you?”.

The only answer here is “You did. You sent me your way.” It may just be my weird sense of humour but I find the 3D construction of this meeting so funny. And happy too 🙂

March forecast

Links Posted on Mar 05, 2011 11:36PM

From Power Path Inc.

The March Forecast with the theme of GET READY is up on the website.

And this is a bit funny because after I wrote about pushing the button below I read this part of the forecast:

“The image is that of anticipating a battle or a long winter or an
extreme adventure or a huge move or any large event or permanent
change. All of these require preparation, discipline, focus, a good
plan, fortification, a serious commitment to your goal and hard work.
You better know what you want and be willing to work hard for it. You
better be disciplined about protecting yourself against the
distractions of unimportant things and energy leaks that could derail
the process.”

– No shit, Sherlock!

Who pushed the button?

Comments Posted on Mar 03, 2011 11:07PM

This is so strange, haven’t gotten over it yet. I write books. I don’t publish books – yet, but I write, can’t help it anymore. These days I am writing my first real novel. Up until now I have written either of my own experiences, done short stories or written a few manuscripts for childrens books.

So deciding to write book I in a trilogy has been a challenge. My plan has been to finish the first book before summer and I have slowly but steadily been writing.

Less than two weeks ago I made some energetic changes, freeing more time for myself. I thought I would like to paint more. I was wrong. Since then I have been run over by ideas for childrens illustrated books. I am not one for illustrating myself but I write a story pr. day! Four days a week! I just sit down and write the one of my many ideas that I have decided to do that day.

I did four stories last week and it looks like four more this week, with another three ideas still waiting in line. I wonder where it will lead – maybe to publishing? In my opinion each script is a lottery ticket. The more tickets, the better the chance. And the wider the scope the better the chance.

Asian Vegitarian Hell

Links Posted on Feb 22, 2011 11:36AM

This is just plain entertainment – no morale. A blogger that I found when I was going to Chennai on my own:

Random events?

Comments Posted on Feb 18, 2011 10:10AM

We have had a fierce wind here for days. We have also seen a case of the stomach flue doing the rounds. Some are sick for days. Other are done in a day. Some say it is highly contagous. In our family only one caught it.

Call it what you like. I call it cleansing.

What is probable for the immediate future

Links Posted on Feb 15, 2011 10:51PM

Below is a quote from a new article by José Stevens of Power Path Inc. addresing the situation in Egypt,

The quote is the last part of that article:

“What is probable for the immediate future

Think shocking and
sudden change and this will give you a sense of what is coming. Shocking
and sudden does not have to be negative but it does mean resistance to
change is futile and you will have to learn to adapt quickly. The
revolutionary spirit is alive and well and never before have we seen
such fertile ground for its success. Therefore it is probable that not
only will the Middle East erupt this or next year, many other parts of
the world are ripe for radical change as well. South America still has
potential for major upheaval, especially Venezuela, and much of Africa
is up for grabs. The United States may see attempts to dismantle the
Union and break up the nation state. Certainly there are factions that
would like to radically change the constitution along the lines of their
own ideology. These factions are deadly serious and could pose a
serious threat to the status quo. When a black man became president many
decided that the country they once knew was finished and they hold no
loyalty to the nation anymore.

At the same time there are those
who are tired of seeing the nations politicians sold to the highest
bidder, in essence owned by the corporations. Expect serious pushback
coming from those wishing to fight corruption on every level. Yes, the
United States will not simply be an observer on the world stage but may
very well experience its own difficult upheavals, threatening its
sovereignty. In a way it is 1776 all over again but this time with
different themes.

The world will be a construction zone complete
with swirling dust, noise, debris, hard hats, and heavy equipment. At
times it will look chaotic and ugly with little hope of redemption. The
old buildings will be falling to the wrecking ball and gradually new
edifices will rise revealing a new presentation for all to see. In the
process perhaps many will sacrifice their lives and many others will
fall victim to drought, flooding, food disruption, lack of clean water,
earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Remember nature always mirrors
what is going on for humans on an emotional level. In a way, change has
always been part of human history and the longer you have been on this
planet the better you will be at riding out the turbulence while
contributing to a new vision of what can be. Spend your precious moments
enjoying your essence and focusing on a world that you would love to
manifest. Be grateful for all that is and for the very good fortune of
having been created to create.

Great Hearts Day

Comments Posted on Feb 13, 2011 10:23PM

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Drop the commercial version by all means. But be aware that whatever we send energy to takes on a life of its own. Valentines Day may be created by business but today it has another meaning as well.

Welcome, if you will, Great Hearts Day tomorrow. Take the oppotunity to send love from the heart to all – especially to yourself.

Take a few minutes to consider what has been noticable in your life these past few days. Personally I have had bouts of envy (mostly in the area of writing) so many times I have become almost immune. What can I do anyway? Envy is not exactly a useful feeling. I have done my best to sample the feeling and then evaporate it with love, over and over again.

What is your theme? What would free you in your life if you evaporated it with love?


Comments Posted on Feb 11, 2011 11:00PM

Funny, I hadn’t noticed the date until a friend called my attention to it.

So, what’s a date? All I’ve noticed on my own account has been a fairly restless, slightly depressed mood, feeling unhappy that I don’t seem to be able to focus enough on writing my novel, and feeling that it probably won’t be much good anyway.

Sometimes I wish I knew more about numerology, only I don’t want things to get too ridgid. But what else happened today other than me being a bit unreasonable? Oh yes, that’s right. The Egyptian president resigned – after saying yesterday that he wouldn’t. After having been in power for 30 years.

February forecast from PowerPath Inc.

Links Posted on Feb 03, 2011 12:34PM

The main theme for February is commitment:

New Moon Update from Powerpath Inc

Links Posted on Feb 02, 2011 10:00AM

New Moon is Tuesday, February 2 at 7:32 PM Mountain Time.
Commit to your own eccentricity. Commit to your own personal healing of whatever needs to be healed. You do not need to know how or even what. A total commitment is enough to get the quantum field mobilizing in that direction. There is a wonderful opportunity at this new moon to heal disappointments of the past. Make a list of all of your disappointed expectations and commit to their release and to your healing. Commit to staying out of fear. Commit to moving forward. Commit to what’s important. Commit to yourself.

Note: This is also Chinese New Year Day, the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Rabbits are fertile, resourceful survivors. The metal aspect makes them aggressively so.



Simple Truths III

Comments Posted on Feb 01, 2011 01:51PM

“Is it a problem?”

“Is it a problem right now?”
“Well, sort of yes. It will be a problem real soon.”

“Is it a problem right now?”
“Well, no, I guess not, but tomorrow…”

“Is it a problem right now?”
“Then it is not a problem.”

Simple Truths II

Comments Posted on Jan 31, 2011 09:41PM

What you don’t like in another person is almost always a mirror of what you don’t like in yourself.

Simple Truths I

Comments Posted on Jan 29, 2011 09:16PM

You cannot change another person. You can change yourself, brake old patterns, brake old ties, and thus change the energy and interaction between you. But you have to start with You.

Feeling powerless

Comments Posted on Jan 28, 2011 09:48AM

For almost 6 months I have been regularly in touch with Sedgwick Claims Management Service due to a fall I suffered this summer at a Ross Store. Now I have finally given up trying to get a decent settlement from them. The most intersting point, though, is how I have been feeling about this.

You might well be aware of this but we build energy into all our written communication, even emails. This is why sometimes a feeling surfaces even before you have opened an email to read it. Every single time I have recieved an email from Sedgwick CMS, I have felt afraid and angry.

This is puzzling because even though I have worked hard to get a decent settlement, I have no financial issues due to the injury as I live in Denmark with free health care. But still I have had this knot of fear in my stomach every time and at the same time I have become more angry than I ever get at anyone. I want to sue them, make them pay and if I had one of their employees physically in front of me, I would probably be tempted to take a sving at him/her.

Wow! That is intense! I am usually never like that and frankly I don’t enjoy it the least which is why I give up, which makes me angry, because they win, which… So I am just going to stop right here 🙂 It makes me curious about what kind of work place Sedgwick CMS is? What do they do to their employers to radiate such negativity in their emails? And I also finally named my complex feelings. It is called “feeling powerless”.

Suddenly I understand a little better what can make someone take a gun and start shooting. Or what makes children have tantrums. I don’t know if we can melt the people or institutions that makes us feel powerless with unconditional love. Heaven knows I have tried 🙂 But if we understand a bit more about the anger and frustration that they impart to people, we can certainly help melt that anger with love. Most people, young or old, really want to be “seen” and to have their situation recognized. Maybe next time we feel like getting angry right back at someone, we can try to send love from the heart. Who knows, maybe they just had an unpleasant email and their anger has nothing to do with you 🙂

To fear or not to fear

Links Posted on Jan 26, 2011 01:26PM

Are you scared about fish dying, birds falling from the sky, global heating, earthquakes, 2012, the end of the world, terrorists… (fill in the blanks from the news headlines)? Would you like to be soothed?

Then find yourself 51 min. to listen to the first message this year from Kryon:

For me it is Kryon at his best, funny, compasionate, and most of all, factual. Straight answers to all of the above concerns and none of them scary

It’s only yours if you want it

Comments Posted on Jan 25, 2011 11:22AM

The mood of today is: sadness. At least that is how I feel today. It is a fact that I feel sad. The question is, what shall I do about this feeling of sadness?

What I usually do is do a quick scan of my current situation. Has anything come up since yesterday when I was not feeling sad? Usually the answer is no and so I decide that the feeling of sadness has nothing to do with me. I can’t make it go away but I can ignore it. And I certainly don’t have to act on it or dig for reasons. In time the sadness will go away.

In the words of Tobias of The Crimson Circle: It is only mine if I want it. As I choose today to not own this feeling of sadness, it will eventually evaporate leaving no trace on my life.

Something in the air

Comments Posted on Jan 24, 2011 09:17AM

Right here where I am now, Copenhagen Denmark, there is a very strange feeling in the air. It is foggy and oh so quiet.

I learned once that fog is a tool of easing the path across the veil. It certainly seems that way today. It feels magical and mysterious but not bad in any way.

I feel tired, as if I need to stay calm and I do know one person who spent the whole weekend and then some dealing with major cleansing of both herself and her child. I have a feeling that it took place right now to get ready for the energies of today.

I checked the date. I am not into numerology in any major way but I do experience some dates being energy portals. If it had been 21-1-11 today that might have explained todays energy flow. It wasn’t 🙂

So, it is just here, flowing peaceful upgrating energy. Relax, sit back, breathe deeply and drink it in…

The world in motion

Comments Posted on Jan 23, 2011 09:36PM

Tunisia – revolution

Algeria – demonstrations

Jordan – demonstrations demanding that the preminister and the government resign

Albania – demonstrations demanding an early election

Yemen – demonstrations demanding that the president follow the Tunisian precident in excile

Sometimes it only takes one man

Comments Posted on Jan 22, 2011 12:48PM

This comment is about Tunisia. I have to say that until a few weeks ago I knew very little about this country. I had spent a cold week in February with my parents when I was 11 years old. I remember the white hotel, the food my dad and I didn’t like, the interesting market with the far too pushy sellers, being too visibly a tourist and the marveless wonder of the ruins of Carthage.

I had not given any thought to how the people of Tunisia might live or their form of government. Until this January we just didn’t hear very much about Tunisia. Then a young man killed himself by setting fire to himself because he could not even get to sell produce to help feed his family. Suddenly Tunisia got turned upside down.

There was a dictator. He has now fled. The people have taken charge. Everything is changing. Remember this sentence “Everything is changing”. Does change always have to be feared? In this case I guess only feared by the absent dictator and his people. When you find yourself fearing change maybe it is time to wonder what good might come it. And I at least marvel at how the actions of one man at the right time can change a whole country. Sometimes it only takes one single person.

The energies right now

Comments Posted on Jan 21, 2011 03:11PM

I don’t know about you but I feel that the year was off to a fairly rough start after a fairly rough ending.

All sorts of alignments got thrown at us with winter solstice, 01-01-11, new moon with eclipse, 01-10-11…

Right now there seems to be a bit of breathing space. The practical issues that were stalling, such as finding a new tenant, have been solved. Feb. 1. is still a long ways away, even the water around the globe seems to have become more dormant.

Remember to enjoy it while it lasts if you feel the same way.

By the way, did you notice something about what has happened as a result of all the flooding? People are helping each other! I saw an interview with a woman outside of Brisbane who didn’t know half of the people who was helping her. The same goes for the people of Brisbane.

My very gifted astrologer friend has said for several years that part of what is happening now is a lesson in learning to help each other and work together. Maybe all is not what it seems 🙂 Maybe what we see are not disasters but learning tools.


Comments Posted on Jan 21, 2011 02:59PM

I originally started this blog to post links to other websites and add a few general comments, so that I wouldn’t have to remember to email those of my friends who might need the information.

Well, I haven’t used the blog much and now we have entered 2011 and I am getting the message from many sources that it is time to stop hiding. I will start writing much more actively. As before it will be a mixture of references to information I find useful when trying to make sense of what is happening in our world, and my own observations.

Everything here on the blog is yours if you want it. But in order to make myself available to more people on a more personal level I have made an addition to my website: a subscription page (

I don’t think I have actually seen such a construction before but I like the idea because it opens up to a more direct, rather than passive, interaction. It is an offer to you to use as you like. Would you like personal training in how to get rid of the drama in your life? Or in how to find your passion? Would you like to discuss health issues? Whatever you want to know, I’ll give you my take on it combined with the sudden flashes that comes from my intuition when dealing with people. It will cost you less and be more flexible than any workshop or personal session, whatever level you might want to choose.

Though I love to write and intereact I am not sure yet how many people I can promise my interaction to at a given time. That is why the subscription service will be subject to a waiting list when I reach my maximum – whenever that will be.

The good news is that my e-books are still available through my website and the blog is all for free too as is the free initiations to the energy of The Temple of Love in Atlantis on my website. Nothing has changed in that sense. I have just opened up to more possibilities.

What else am I doing right now? I have finished translating “Creating Your Own Reality – A Survival Kit” to Danish. I felt a need for it in my native language. It was quite a challenge to convert the language but it is now being edited by some helpful people and by next month I should be able to have a go at some lucky Danish publisher 🙂

I have just resumed my work on a fiction triology in Danish that I started in December. This means that there will be no new English writing for a while longer. I do have a store of stories that do not yet fill a volume but I really want to finish the first book, The Journey To Utopia, by June at the latest.

I seem to finally be getting our house ready for sale. I have been wanting to move for several years but no matter how much you try to manifest, the timing is not always right. I think it might be now.

Finally I need to get ready to host a pink birthday party on Sunday for eight 7-year olds.

Going with the flow

Comments Posted on Dec 29, 2010 04:59PM

As in many places Denmark has seen loads of snow already this winter. As Christmas was approaching a snow storm was predicted for Dec. 23. This is traditionally the big day for travelling to stay with family. Denmark is a very small country. Travelling straight across usually takes about 3 hours. Not so this Christmas.

My family and I was planning to visit family in Esbjerg, across the country, as usual and planning to leave on Dec. 23. with a snow storm brewing. On the 22. some people took 14 hours to reach their destination instead of the usual 4 hours. So we prepared well. We brought warm clothes, blankets, extra food and a showel. We told the children that it was to be like flying across the Atlantic as we do in the summer. We made sure that there was gas on the car, and then we took off.

Nothing much happened. We drove through the not quite so bad weather on the pretty bad roads. Even the freeway that we were on was snow and ice covered. We had a narrow escape getting stuck in an endless line on a blocked part of the freeway. A truck had skidded and was bloking the whole road. we saw the line just in time to turn onto the high way.

We spent 6 hours on a drive that usually takes 3 hours. But it was safe for us and uneventful.

I find this trip a good tale about the state of the world at the moment. We could not control the snow storm. It was out of the question for us to make it to Esbjerg in 3 hours. We adapted to the circumstances, took our precausions and went with the flow. Worked perfectly…

Simplicity of living

Comments Posted on Nov 30, 2010 10:39PM

This comment is of a more personal nature. This summer I was visiting a Ross store in California, slipped on a hanger on the floor and fell.

Now, had this happened back in Denmark some employee in the store might have apologized and helped me up and any medical bills would have been taken care of by the social health care.

But I fell and hurt myself in the US. So while I was on the floor, still trying to figure out if anything was broken and not wanting to move, a very concerned store employee came running, helped me sit, offered water, took a report and provided me with a claims number.

This was a brand new world opening up to me – or at least a new set of experiences 🙂

At first I thought, what a great thing it was for a company to take responsability for their negligence. I could also smell their fear of law suits. A whole industry grew from this US-based fear. It took me a while to realize that that Ross has employed a company to handle their claims, Sedgwick Claims Management Service. So you’ve got lawers, claims companies, doctors, etc. all in business, what a way to keep people employed and keep money circulating. Or might it be to settle claims fast and efficient with the least inconvinience? Impressed!

By now, almost 6 months hence, I am less impressed. I feel I got black listed when I turned down Sedgwick’s first offer right after the accident. I got an email with a severe warning about what costs they might not pay and had I lived in the US and had to cover my own medical bills I would have felt very nervous about the situation.

By now Sedgwick ignores my emails and I am currently trying to figure out if it is one of those companies, where the main issue is to avoid settle any claims, or if the employees are plain overworked. I hope it is the last situation but I suspect that it is the first.

What a drama! Is there not a more simple way? Like where I live? I don’t even know the script. I wonder what I am supposed to do now according to the script. Find a lawer and file a law suit to keep the money flowing? That would certainly be another first experience 🙂 Pour a little more drama into the US that is already overflowing? Any suggestions from people who know more about this cycles of money/fear/drama than I do? Please feel free to mail me at


Q&A Posted on Nov 19, 2010 09:42AM

“Do you think the world will end on Dec. 21 2012?”

No, I do not think so. We are talking about planets moving in space and though they move fast, changes do not happen overnight. Just think about New Years Eve. Anything happen from one minute to another there? No, but gradually the days become longer and we move to spring. But never instantly.

There is an excellent channelling by Kryon here:

He compares the changes that we term 2012 to a 50 km. long train moving at 3 mm an hour. When does the train actually arrive at the station and are you going to just stand there and wait for it?

Articles from Satya Center

Links Posted on Aug 04, 2009 09:52PM

There is a new newsletter out from Satya Centre:

As always I recommend it if you want to know a bit more than what they tell in the official news channels.

Chakra Bracelet

Links Posted on Jul 30, 2009 09:28PM

A little while back I was in the process of putting together some beads for a bracelet for a friend. The image suddenly came to me that I was creating a chakra bracelet.

I work with beads and gems but I do not spend much time finding out about their properties. So I had no idea if the beads I was using were connected to the chakras. Instead I sent the information to my colleague, Bradford Tilden of Crystal Music Healing. I was pretty surprised when I got this info back: “”It doesn’t seem to treat the individual chakras, but rather exhude a general energy of a very sophisticated nature for the whole chakra system.”

I was very surprised to find that I had been the tool for putting this together. It would have seemed more natural to me if it had come through one of my crystal geek friends. But here we are, and the combination is definately powerfull and I have now listed it on Etsy:

Africa on the internet

Comments Posted on Jul 28, 2009 01:30PM

“What do you mean? Of course Africia is on the internet”

Well, up until now Africa has mainly only been on a very slow version of the internet. You could check mails and do a bit of none too stranious surfing. But now East Africa is being hooked up to an off-shore fiber optics cable.

Apparently the project has been years on the way and it may sound a bit trivial but, believe me, it is not! Try to imagine some of implications…

Millions of new sellers and buyers on eBay. Unlimited access to information. On-line education. On-line medical help to people even in remote villages…

And do you know why the local governments have invested in this? They plan to make East Africa the new Call Centre Hub of the world. Imagine the effects in India.

So it is not just a question of some faster internet. It is the shifting of power.

The Emerging Sunspot Cycle 24 and Weakening Magnetic Field

Links Posted on Jun 12, 2009 09:46AM

I have come across a very detailed and interesting article about the connection between conditions on Earth and the Sun’s activities:

If you’re not, you don’t

Comments Posted on May 31, 2009 10:53AM

I really like this latest newsletter from Dick Sutphen,

If you are not really working to get what you say you want, you don’t really want it. You may think you want it, but not really, or you’d be doing something to manifest it in your life. Obviously, you’re putting other things first and you’re fooling yourself about your priorities.

We’re all extremely busy and there is no possible way we can put everything in the number one, or two, or three priority position. But just for fun, why not list your priorities, by how you spend your free time.

Darcy says she wants to find a husband. She talks about it endlessly. She is ready to settle down and have children. But Darcy spends her time with other women enjoying female athletics. She rarely sees a single man because the events are just for women. I asked her, “If you find a husband, a lot of things are going to change in your life. What are the changes you won’t like?”

She thought for a moment. “Well, I’m not going to give up my sports activities with the girls.”

“But your sports activities take up all your spare time,” I said. “Are you saying if you had a husband, you would not make any time for him?”

She looked at me with a blank expression. The thought had never occurred to her. She was not doing anything to find a husband. She wasn’t even on any of the social or dating websites. Darcy was not clear on her intent.

Morgan examined his priorities by the amount of free time he spent on each one. 1) sex, because he spends a couple of hours a day visiting porn sites. I told him I didn’t think his first priority was sex, or he’d be out chasing women for a couple hours a day. “Your first priority is being a sexual voyeur.” He didn’t like that. When I initially asked him what his first priority was, he said, “Developing my psychic ability.”

Marie listed her priorities as, 1) her boyfriend that she plans to marry, 2) her career, 3) horseback riding. But she spends all her free time at her mother’s house, she does no cooking, and although he wants children, she refuses to even talk about it. She is a hairdresser, but she gripes nonstop about her clients and the work. And she admits that the last time she went horseback riding was at a rental stable eight months ago.

If you’re not working to get what say you want, you don’t really want it.

Updated website

Links Posted on May 18, 2009 11:11AM

I have just updated my website, making also the book “Creating your own Reality – A Survival Kit” available as a PDF document for a $3 donation.

You’ll find it on the “book” page.

A mini ebook

Links Posted on May 08, 2009 01:07PM

Karen Bishop has relaesed a mini ebook. Please see below:


The very first mini e-book has just been posted on the Emerging Earth
Angels web site and is ready for viewing. Heaven’s Gate describes
our current status as earth angels, why many are feeling that
there is nowhere left to go, what we can do about it and why this
is occurring, why many are feeling a need to be “closed” when we
thought we would be “open,” specific guidelines for opening and
managing our store-fronts during these unusual times, and much, much
more about how to now run our new energies while navigating in the
old world and lower dimensions.

This e-book is offered to you by donation only. To access Heaven’s
Gate, kindly click on the link below or go to the Newest WINGS
page or Home page on the web site, and utilize the link in the
Mini E-Books text box at the right of the page:

Transition Towns

Comments Posted on Apr 17, 2009 09:56PM

Looking for a new way of doing things? Check out this website on Transition Towns:

Oh, and Karen Bishop has a new report out as of yesterday…

What if…?

Comments Posted on Apr 10, 2009 10:24PM

What if the economy of a country was to colapse completely?

Hmm, that already happened. Iceland went bankrupt.

What if the world economy was to colapse completely? All money disappear? How would we get food? What would be your contribution? What would you barter with?

I seem to be musing a lot along those lines. My passion is to create and teach. Teaching might not get me food for my family but my creations just might. These days I have started creating silk scarves and personalized bracelets made with gem beads.

As I work and as I order new materials I feel like a squirril stocking up for winter. The more scarves I have stored away, the more Lemurian crystals I have sitting in my meditation room without being sold, the safer I feel.

I guess I ought to be sad that what I am passionate about does not have a very high market value right now. I almost wish it would continue to be so. But I can’t shake the feeling that I am preparing for winter and will be ever so happy to be able to pull one after the other of my creations and passions out of my drawers, the day when money is no longer available.

New from Karen Bishop

Links Posted on Apr 04, 2009 12:24PM

Please depend on me getting around to posting a notive every time there is a new energy report from Karen Bishop 🙂 If you connect with her material I recommend that you sign up for her newsletter or check her website frequently.

But a new report has been published today:

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