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The time is now and the choice is yours! What reality do you choose to live in? One of drama and chaos or one of joy and abundance...
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Not a whiff

Comments Posted on Oct 29, 2012 10:22AM

A while back a new contact called me up after we had talked during the day. She felt quite embarrassed about it but my perfume gave her headaches, if I could please wear another. That was a bit of a problem as I only own one perfume, don’t really feel like wearing another, and tend to drop in on my new friend spontaneously.

I suggested an experiment inspired by an experience I had with Bradford Tilden once. We were in Portugal in the company of our dear friend, Maria, driving along in her car when suddenly Bradford burst into a loud and dramatic chant. That was not an unusual thing to happen in Bradford’s company but it came so unexpectedly I couldn’t help laughing and ask him if he was having fun or being serious. He shrugged and pointed to the reeking old truck just in front of us. “Call it what you like, but the smell is gone, isn’t it?” And it sure was.

I told my friend I would try to isolate her from the smell of the perfume and in case I failed she was welcome to ask me to wash it off when I visited her. I know there’s chanting somewhere deep inside me but I feel embarrassed about it, so I figured I’d try to block the smell simply through intention and energy movement.

The next time I parked outside her place, I focused on my intention to build an invisible wall that would keep the smell from reaching her. She asked me later if I had deliberately not put on the perfume that day…

I was pretty excited with my success and decided that, rather than having to remember to the blocking every time I went to see her, I would simply program through intention that she will be forever isolated against the smell of my perfume – but only her, not other people.

Go ahead! Create your own reality!

3D Google

Comments Posted on Sep 18, 2012 11:30AM

I came across a man today who gave me information that was very useful to me, but that I didn’t know I was looking for. I met him on the stairs of the building where I’m moving my office desk to, and the whole feeling was so surreal that I suspect he may not even have existed before or after I talked to him. Is this a new service from Google, I wonder?

The story of my new workspace is a good example of synchronicity on the whole.

In early spring I read an article in the local newspaper about a resently opened place called Loosen up. I felt the little signs that told me the information was significant, but other than visit the website a couple of times I didn’t act on it.

By June I had begun to look for a space where I could set up a desk to ground a professional energy by moving whatever business I wanted to get into out of my home. Simultaniously I contacted Fie at Loosen up because the article had mentioned that she rented out space, saw the building where Fie resides, Amager Strandvej 122, for rent on the internet (total space is 3,200 square meters and it was rented in lots of no less than 100 square meters), and finally the building was mentioned by a yoga friend of mine who was looking for a place for her yogastudio.

I called Fie but felt sure even before we met, that her space was not what I was looking for. But meeting her was a joy and we couldn’t stop talking. Turned out we had even signed up for the same Mindfulness instructor class this fall.

By the time I returned from my vacation in the US, I had become more serious about getting a business address. I had also learned more about what I had to offer and no longer wanted just an office for coaching sessions. I also wanted a ‘home’ for my paintings, jewelry making and new found photography skills. This made me eligible for Amager Strandvej 122 as the main condition for renters was that they worked with creative projects. But I had no need nor funds for 100 square meters.

Finding new inspiration and new connections everytime I visited Fie, I got more and more interested in finding a base at this particular place. I wrote the owner and asked if he knew of a tenant who had more space than they needed. Of all the activities I listed in my mail, he centered on photography and forwarded the mail to a photostudio, saying that a fellow photographer was looking for a place. Again, this mail gave me goosebumbs though it seemed completely irrelevant to advertise me as looking for a photostudio.

Guess where I just set up my desk today: Flash and Burn Photostudio, Amager Strandvej 122. I’m writing a blog about hanging out there if you want to know more.

Oh, and the information I recieved today? It was about the history of the building. It turns out it was used by autistic and retarted youth. Autistic people live multidimentionally. I’ve rented a space in a portal/vortex. It’s even right by the sea. No wonder I felt the need to be there.

A lesson in humility

Comments Posted on Jul 18, 2012 04:12AM

Often I hear or read about energy workers (light workers) fretting
over what they are supposed to do, what their life purpose is. It seems
that most of us feel we need to do something special, that we came for a
special job, and if we don’t discover what it is our life here is

Yesterday I found myself recieving a lesson in looking at things
from a different perspective. Right now I’m travelling the Westcoast of
the US and as such my acrylic nails will be tended to by whomever I come
across at the time when they need a fill. Yes, it is okay for energy
workers to have acrylic nails if they feel like it 😀

I dropped by a simple and inexpensive nail salon. After a short
wait an Asian man of 40-50 years tended to my nails. I had all my
‘fordomme’ challenged when he turned out to be an energy worker going
about his job. He didn’t say a word other than the introduction and the
finishing lines, but from the moment he began working on my hands I felt
overflowed with the most amazing, soothing, high vibrating energy
radiating from him. I have no idea if he was aware of what he was doing,
but I realized that as he sits there, day after day, tending to the
customers in a low profile job, he does a world of good.

Now, why is it we think that we need to be doing something special
as energy workers? What we transmit is special. How we transmit doesn’t
make the least bit of difference. What ever form of presence you have
here on Earth is perfect and in accordance with your life purpose. You
only need to be here. It doesn’t matter what you do.

The all-purpose charger

Links Posted on Jul 06, 2012 04:02AM

The charger for my camera has gone walk-about again. Somehow I didn’t unpack after last year’s vacation and thought it lost. Then it turned up just in time for this year’s vacation on a shelf in one of our rooms – definately not a place I put but who cares… Now we’re in the middle of the vacation, I’m sure I packed the charger, but I can’t find it anywhere and the camera was in need of some juice.

So I got thinking – other than buying a new one, which seemed pointless as I’m sure it’ll turn up again, or trying to borrow one, which was unsuccessful, what could I do?

The puzzle had two pieces.

First piece: When I talk on my cell phone I always hold it in my left hand, and I’ve noticed how it becomes overly hot and decharges much more quickly than usual. I’m right-handed so left side draws in and right side gives. I figure I’m pulling the energy from the phone battery through the chakra in my palm when I hold it.

Second piece: Back when I took my reiki master degree, my instructor told me how – to her surprise – she realized that her cell phone was charging while she held it though it was not connected to an outlet.

Result: Attempt to charge the camera by holding it in my right hand palm. It works 🙂

I thought it worked. It doesn’t 🙁 But that doesn’t mean it can’t. Maybe if I hold the camera between my palms and have them work as a capacitator…

What does dying feel like?

Comments Posted on Jun 26, 2012 02:43AM

Heavens knows I’ve done it enough times – died, that is. I’ve also relived a couple of them in regression. I’m pretty sure it’s fast, easy and quite a relief.

For some reason I’m getting a lot of pictures these days what would come after I might leave this incarnation. I sense that I would barely have time to great the energies on the other side of the veil before I would be on my way back. But a brief moment in spirit would equal around 20 years on earth. So in a blink of an eye I could be back as my daughter’s daughter.

Almost as in a movie, I see her taking care of her young child and wonder why if it is motherhood that makes her think constantly of her own mother. The thought of switching the role of caretaker seems funny, almost ironic. I’m sure we’ve done it many times, though.

Not their fault

Comments Posted on Jun 12, 2012 10:15AM

There is so much anger and resentment connected with human relationships – especially romantic ones. It seems almost impossible to imagine a relationship that doesn’t end up in “if only he/she did or didn’t react this way/treat me this way”. We spend an amazing amount of time complaining about our parter (or ex-partner) – usually to an audience who agrees with us.

The unpleasant truth is that we would not have been attracted to that person in the first place, if he/she didn’t match our own psychological make-up. It really isn’t that person’s fault. They are exactly as they should be and at some point they were a perfect match for you. So blaiming them for how they behave isn’t getting you anywhere.

Only by letting go of your own issues and healing your own wounds can you move on to another kind of match. If you just separate from the partner (or visa versa) and do nothing to change, you’ll end up in the same situation again.

It’s a waste of time being angry with your partner. They are in a twisted sort of way showing you your weak spots, showing you what you need to work with if you want things to change. If you deal with that you can move on, and they can’t touch you anymore. It really has nothing to so with your partner, and they don’t need to change. You do, if you don’t like the way things are.

20/20 vision

Comments Posted on Jun 08, 2012 10:00PM

My eyesight is a funny construction. I’m nearsighted and have astigmatism on both eyes, one of them of some magnitude. But once compensated for, my eyesight is keener than the optomotrist’s equipment.

I don’t mind too much wearing glasses. I never wear them around the house anyway – not anymore, and being nersighted has saved me the trouble of having to use reading glasses so far, as my sight is perfect for reading and working on the computer.

Still, my eyes went from not ‘too bad’ to ‘better’ some years ago. I had to get new glasses because the old ones were too strong all of a sudden and gave me a headache.

Right now I’m in the situation of having lost my glasses. They disappeared a week ago. I was wearing them doing a major clean-up of the house, and when I was done I was no longer wearing them. Haven’t seen them since. I wear my perscription sun glasses when driving and the rest of time I make do without. I expect them to turn up again, but I also suspect that it may be time for another readjustment of my sight.

In the book ‘Conscious Medicine’, page 186, it says that when children develop eyesight problems, they usually don’t want to see what is going on in the family. It makes sense in my case. I also firmly believe that anything less than perfect health is a result of energy blokage. So the question is: Can I make do without glasses and have 20/20 hawk-eyed vision at the age of 48?

I’m not sure. I’m not sure I’m ready yet. My glasses serves me as a kind of filter, keeping the 3D world at bay, and being able to only see what is in my immediate surroundings is also a kind of defense. But as my glasses are not here, and me eyes are free to adjust, I thought I might give it a bit of work.

I’ve been using the tool for cutting ties from my Survival Kit to cut ties to what made me react with poorer eyesight to start with. I’m doing that once or twice a day. I’ve stated the intention to bring in DNA from a life when I had no eyesight problems (a technique from Kryon), and I’ve been stating the intention that I am ready to face the world without filter. Finally I’m working on de-calcifying my nerves so I can regain the flexibility of my eyes from when I was younger. A friend of mine wants to use acedic acid on hers (in her mind, of course). I like the idea of shaking off the calcium with high vibrations better 🙂

Some time next week I’ll try for an eye test. You can get one for free at eye wear shops here in Denmark. It’s almost as exciting as being on a diet, not having been weighed yet and not yet knowing if it will work.

Speeding up

Comments Posted on May 28, 2012 10:43AM

There always seems to be a theme running as an undercurrent. You’ll recognize it in what you are confronted with, and what is brought to the surface for you to make peace with. Sometimes it’s money, in April is was Power, and in May Commitment.

I find that even just before New Year we had at least several months, sometimes half a year, to work with the energies, the theme, we were in. But now – as I guess we all feel quite strongly – things are speeding up. Now the theme seems to shift every month. That gives us 12 (!) strong themes to be challenged by in a single year. Spring cleaning is here!

I would feel very lost without the monthly forecasts from Power Path. I eagerly await them at the first of every month to see what lies in store for me. What I have discovered is that I benefit greatly from rereading them at the end of each month.

The themes, we are being faced with, run very deep and are very powerful, and though it is on my mind through out the month rereadign the forecast helps me round off the theme in a good way before the next comes along.

The monthly themes for 2012 do overlap to some degree, but I feel much more ready for the challenges ahead when I have done all the work, I can do, before I enter the next theme. Rereading – and reworking – the present months forecast at aorund this time has turned out to be essential to me.

Five catorgories of dis-eased people

Comments Posted on Apr 13, 2012 04:42PM

In continuation of my blog the other day “What is dis-ease and what can we heal?” a kind of Big Picture system of five categories came to mind today. If you are a healer it might help you in your work to be able to recognize where your client is at, since it’ll give you valuable information about the chances of successful healing.

1) People who have health issues, have not resolved the blockage in their energy system that caused the health issue, and do not recognize that they have a blockage.
– There is no way you can heal a person at this stage. For various reasons they have no wish to be healed (see this blog for some possible reasons). As you cannot remove the splinter, so to speak, all you can do is temporarily relieve the “infection”. But you cannot make the symptoms go away all together. The symptoms, the dis-ease, will always return.

2) People who have health issues, recognize that there might be a blockage / a splint and hold out their hand, so to speak, turning their heads, and expect you to remove the splinter for them without them having to even look at the splinter.
– There is no way you can heal this person either. Unless the dis-eased person takes responsability you can’t help them. A blockage can only be resolved by the person who created it. You can facilitate the removal and the healing, but you can’t do it without the cooporation of the person and the true intent to change.

3) People who have health issues, have not resolved the blockage in their energy system, are willing to recognize that there is one but are in too much pain (physically or psychologically) to work on it.
– In this case no true healing can happen until the splinter/blockage is removed, but temporary healing of the infection/symptoms can be the relief needed to be able to solve the issue. After the resolution of the blockage, the body will be ready to begin heal itself for good.

4) People who have health issues, recognize that there is a blockage in their energy system (a “splinter”), and want to remove so that their body can heal.
– Help can be needed to identify and resolve the blockage. Help might also be needed to heal the body afterwards.

5) People who have health issues, even though the blockage has already been resolved.
– Sometimes the blockage of the energy system has been so severe that the body needs help to heal. Perhaps the fear issue that locked the solar plexus is long gone, but the blocked solar plexus led to a lung dis-ease. Then you would need to relieve the tension in the solar plexus in order to be able to breathe properly, and then the lung dis-ease can be healed.

As a healer of any kind you can certainly work with people in categories 1 and 2, but as in all cases you need to let go of the feeling of being responsable for their healing. The fact that you can’t heal them is a reflection of their state of mind and readyness to change – not of your abilities as a healer.

As a healer also know that though there seems to be no way to get through to categories 1 and 2 and though you might not be successful with category 3, and you may not be what categories 4 and 5 need, you can always plant a seed. It is impossible to know what you say today that might suddenly make sense 20 years from now. Or what energy work you have done that might suddenly be of use 10 years hence. I do recommend, though, that you consider how much time you are willing to spend on categories 1 – 3 if you’re not getting paid for the full extend of your work.

Lesson to Self: Don’t get involved

Comments Posted on Apr 11, 2012 11:00AM

I don’t have many close friends. I need a lot of down time, I have my children to take care of, and, frankly, the things I find interesting to talk about are pretty odd. But I do have a couple of friends I see regularly, and being friends they just taught me a useful lesson.

Common for them, I believe, is that they find me interesting, wise, and entertaining, and they don’t mind me talking about multiple dimensions and upgrading DNA. I, on the other hand, usually stay well away from giving advise unless I’m asked specifically. It works well for all.

Up until now, I’ve had the belief that it can be okay to suggest means for healing of physical problems as long as I’m not attached to my friend’s choices. The useful lesson I’ve learned is that this is not so. I do get emotionally involved, and I do become judgemental about their choices, and that is not okay.

Who am I to judge what is right for any human besides myself? It is imperative to me that I keep my balance in this, and I sometimes withdraw to regain that balance. It’s not because I love them less. It’s because I love them enough to respect their choices in life.

Lesson to Self: Only, ONLY, if my friends specifically ask for help or advice, can I offer this. At any other time I must not get involved. My reality is not better, only different. Whatever pain or difficulty they may choose to experience must flow through me like water. In that way I serve them best.

What is dis-ease and what can we heal?

Comments Posted on Apr 11, 2012 09:51AM

As always what you read here is just my way of looking at things. Use it or disregard it at your leasure 🙂

If I was to define illness / dis-ease I would say that it is the physical manifestation of a blockage in your energy system. If you look at it that way, what it implies is that you can’t heal your body without getting rid of the blockage or – if you get rid of the blockage you can heal your body.

Yesterday a friend of mine was trying to figure out how I could be having problems with osteoarthritis and not try to heal it. I gave him the image of a splinter in your hand. The wound is infected and hurts, and the splinter is still there. No amount of healing will effectively make the infection go away before the splinter is also removed.

In my case, I know exactly why I’m having problems with osteoarthritis at this point. I’ve already done my homework 🙂 My condition has returned, because I live in a very large house. When I feel responsible for repairing the house – involving odd jobs I all dislike – my knees and shoulder start to hurt. Through a coincidence it was diagnosed as osteoarthritis.

But whenever I let go of feeling I have to be the caretaker, the pain goes away. Right now it’s back because we are getting ready to sell the house , and all the odd jobs, I don’t like, have to get done. My “benifit” from this condition is that if my joints hurt, I can’t do the jobs – or so my body thinks. In this case I do them anyway.

The moment I’m done or the moment we move out, the pain will go away. And no amount of healing from myself or others will make it go away any sooner than that, because “the splinter” is still there.

If you want to assure healing, find the splinter.

The easy way or the hard way?

Comments Posted on Mar 28, 2012 04:12PM

Consider this: If you had a problem and someone said, “there is a solution to this, faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Would you like to use it to solve your problem?” What do you think most people would answer? Yes, please?

In my experience most people say, “no, thank you”. We’re probably talking 9 out of 10. The challenges can be anything from personal problems to health issues. Fine by me. There’s free choice. I would never dream of discussing it or – heaven forbid – try to persuade anyone. But I can’t help wondering why so many choose the hard way rather than the easy way. So I’m going to turn the tables for a bit and look at reasons why we would say “no thanks”.

Now, what would be the benefit for me if I hold on to my challenge rather than resolve it fast and easy? And believe me, there are always benefits. Here are just a few of the more general ones:

If I hang on, I won’t have to change. If I change what will happen to me? What about my friends? My spouse? My work? My challenge is an integrated part of me and my personality. If it goes away, then who am I? These thoughts alone would keep many from resolving a challenge.

Here’s another: I’ve been having this challenge for 20, 30, 40 years. If it just goes away how can I justify having spent all these years on it? That too would keep many from choosing an easy way.

One more: If I can resolve my challenge fast and easy, how will I explain to people what happened? What will they think of me if I have suddenly found a solution?

Or this: If I am to resolve this issue, I may need to know what caused it. This could mean I have to look inside myself, and I don’t want to do that. It scares me. I sense that I carry with me experiences that will be very painful to release. I don’t want to touch them.

The easy way or the hard way, the choice is yours…

Energy Body

Comments Posted on Dec 06, 2011 12:39PM

Another detour from the list 🙂

I figured something out today that I would like to share, it’s about body shape/weight. I can’t change mine at present. Ideally I would weigh 6-8 pounds less than I do – nothing big but enough to not feel entirely at home in my body. But that is the way it is right now. There is nothing I can do to change it.

That may sound challenging. How about dieting? Exercise? I have no idea what your siuation is like but this is mine: I get 75-80% of my nourishment from prahna/light. This means that I do not need to eat very much. Also, I am at a level where my body will take anything I eat and rebuild it to what the body needs. What I eat, above what is needed for the 10-15%, is disgarded.

The logic conclusion is that I can eat whatever I want (I was never a great fan of food anyway), and that my body shape has nothing to do with what I eat. This has been clear to me for a while, and it means that my weight is an illusion that has nothing to do with my intake of food or anything else.

A couple of years ago, a higher body weight could indicate the need for grounding, but I should not need that anymore. Today I realized that my body is actually storing high vibrational energy. It is my impression that it serves both as a buffer for me personally and as a storage I can tap into, when I need to release larger amounts of energy for some work.

This spring I had a very intense few days where I unleached enormous amounts of energy that had been built up over a longer periode of time. During the release I lost about 6 pounds in a day. A week later the weight was back up to its present level.

If anyone should ask me what I do to lose the 6-8 pounds that are not mine, my answer is this: “Nothing. I wait.” One day I won’t need them anymore, and they will melt away. I think I’ll have another cookie, while I wait 🙂

Will the world stop turning?

Comments Posted on Nov 08, 2011 11:22AM

Just jumping the line here 🙂 Not doing the list today. Instead I want to entertain you with a link I got yesterday. Well, not as in linking to the website but talking about it.

A kind soul thought I should be warned that a pole switch is eminent and that the world will stop rotating for six days, so we should be prepared. I have days three days as well.

Yes, we have had pole shifts before, and by this we mean that the magnetic south and north poles switch places. Yes, we will have one again – sometime within the next 100,000 years. The pole switches have not taken place at any kind of regular intervals, so the word ‘overdue’ is out of place.

The fault that runs through Oakland has adjusted with an earthquake every 140 years for a very long time. This summer it is 143 years since this happened last. That is good example of ‘overdue’.

So much for the pole switch. Now, what would happen to the gravitational force if the earth was to stop spinning? Anyone? Correct! It would not be there.

Now, what would happen to most things on earth, if the gravity disappeared? Correct! They would fall off. Oceans, people, animals, everything not tied down. As we are not a barren lump of rock, and as pole shifts have happen before, it follows that the world will probably not stop spinning the next time either.

Obviously much disruption will happen the day the poles do shift, but it is up to you to decide if you want to go into the drama or not. It’s a good one! It is a really grand drama, especially if you are looking for fear. If not, well I’ll see it when it gets here.

Worst case, it happens while I am here. Worst case, I die. Dying is easy. It is living that is tough. I don’t want to make it harder for myself by spending my time here in fear.

List #2

Comments Posted on Oct 27, 2011 11:54AM

Here is my list:
1) 2012 in 5 min.
2) How do we manipulate time and what is it?
3) How can 800 year old palmleaves with your name on them be real?
4) How do we change our DNA to get rid of disease?
5) Why do some people make you feel great and other people leave you drained?
6) How can we solve our heating challenge now oil supplies are running out?
7) How can we ensure clean water through nano technology?
8) How can we choose to live to 250 years of age?
9) Why can we expect more earth quakes and volcanic eruptions?

And here is my answer to #1. Please note that it is my answer.
It may not be yours, and I may be plain wrong at times (if I am off
with scientific facts, please email me so I can correct). Also note that
there are many scources and many of them scientific. If you want to
find proof for any of the statements I make, be my guest. I am afraid
that I am not going to supply them for you.

Time is not linear nor constant. You know that, but you might not be aware of it. Ever heard yourself talking about time moving fast or slow? That ought to tell you something. Ever heard someone talking about a sense of time?

We pretend that time is a constant that can be measured correctly, because it is what we can understand in our three dimensions. A single timeline running from A to B is not a very accurate description. A better image would be to view time as a number of interconnected spirals.

If you can accept that time is not liniear it is easier to understand how we might control it. Try to think of situations where time either moved very fast or very slow. Well, you can control that flow. Since our world moves at a very fast pace right now the most interesting would probably be to slow time.

Slowing time will not change the number of chores you need to get done, but it will leave you room for more. Try this for practice: How long can you make 5 minutes last? Don’t think of what will happen next, do not (!) look at the watch, just make the 5 minutes, you are in, last forever – like blowing a soap bubble. When the bubble pops (or the 5 minutes finally pass), do another. You might be ready to scream after half an hour, but notice how slowly time moved.

Now consider if you had been working on boring chores during that endless half hour. You would get so much done. The most important tip is to not wear a watch anymore. A challenge? Try it.

List #1

Comments Posted on Oct 16, 2011 03:01PM

Here is my list:
1) 2012 in 5 min.
2) How do we manipulate time and what is it?
3) How can 800 year old palmleaves with your name on them be real?
4) How do we change our DNA to get rid of disease?
5) Why do some people make you feel great and other people leave you drained?
6) How can we solve our heating challenge now oil supplies are running out?
7) How can we ensure clean water through nano technology?
8) How can we choose to live to 250 years of age?
9) Why can we expect more earth quakes and volcanic eruptions?

And here is my answer to #1. Please note that it is my answer. It may not be yours, and I may be plain wrong at times (if I am off with scientific facts, please email me so I can correct). Also note that there are many scources and many of them scientific. If you want to find proof for any of the statements I make, be my guest. I am afraid that I am not going to supply them for you.

2012 in 5 min.

The Earth revolves around the sun, and we are affected by the changing seasons. Nothing much happens on Jan. 1, except perhaps clearing away the empty bottles and getting rid of the hangover. But passing the turning point we slowly work our way towards longer and warmer days (in the Northern hemesphere).

Just as the Earth revolves around the sun, our solar system revolves around the central sun of our galaxy – which by the way is a black hole. That there is a central sun was only determined fairly resently (or rediscovered). All the 2012 talk comes from this discovery because before that we didn’t have a reference point for the ancient observations left behind.

If passing the turning point of New Year brings about such drastic changes on Earth as spring, could we not imagine that passing the ‘New Year’ of our rotation around the central sun would also call for some changes?

It takes 5125 years to complete a circle around the central sun. Though I am not sure exactly when ‘New Year’ is (it may not be axactly 2012) we can imagine things changing over time.

And just as nothing changes from Dec. 31. to Jan. 1., it’ll take years for us to feel spring in the air.

That was Part I. We are crossing a turning point only crossed every 5125 years.

Here is Part II.

The Earth wobbles. The axis of the Earth moves every so slightly year by year. It can be determined by watching which of the 12 star constallations called the zodiac, the sun raises in on midvinter morning, Dec. 21.

It takes 26000 years to complete a full circle of the zodiac. On Dec. 21, 2012, we complete the cycle and start a new.

Just over 2000 years ago we entered the sign of the pisces. Anyone notice any change in the world then? We are entering the sign of aquarius now. It has a completely different energy / characteristic than the pisces. We go from duality and separation to holismen. That alone would be quite a change. On top of that we pile completing a 5125 year cycle and a 26000 year cycle.

Do I think the world is ending? No. Do I think we will ever go back to ‘normal’? No. Do I think anything dramatic will happen on Dec. 21, 2012? No.

List – introduction

Comments Posted on Oct 16, 2011 02:37PM

The other day I put together a list of question that one might like an answer to – and all of the items ones that I have my answer to. Just for fun, I sent to to my dear friend and colleague Anne. She asked if I could please write a book with all my answers.

Well, I have a lot of my answers in writing, but I do admit that they are scattered over a number of books in more than one language. So I have decided to address the questions one by one in my blog – regardless of the fact that some of them have already been handled in this media as well.

Here is the list:

1) 2012 in 5 min.
2) How do we manipulate time and what is it?
3) How can 800 year old palmleaves with your name on them be real?
4) How do we change our DNA to get rid of disease?
5) Why do some people make you feel great and other people leave you drained?
6) How can we solve our heating challenge now oil supplies are running out?
7) How can we ensure clean water through nano technology?
8) How can we choose to live to 250 years of age?
9) Why can we expect more earth quakes and volcanic eruptions?

Oh my, what I have gotten myself into… And I know there are many more questions…

Falling through?

Comments Posted on Oct 11, 2011 02:41PM

Arrgghh! I feel like I am caught in a compressor. Something, weighing at least 40 pounds, is sitting on my chest making it almost impossible to breathe. Know the feeling?

It hits me whenever I lift my head from the book I am writing, the book I am giving feedback on, or the book I am reading.

The calender is full of potent looking dates including ‘9’, ’10’, and ’11’, and I’ve read somewhere that Oct. 28 is the date the Mayan calender restarts its cycle. I promise I’ll do “2012 in 5 min.” real soon but right now let me just talk about the gravity well.

It looks like this: Often it is seen as a fun exhibit in science museums. You drop a coin at the top, and the coin goes faster and faster the further down it gets, until it falls through the bottom. It is an excellent illustration of the cycles that rule our world (refer to “2012 in 5 min” that will be later posting). Guess where we are now… Real close to the bottom.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure when we’ll go through the bottom. We also don’t know a lot about what it’ll look like once we do. A whole lot calmer is a good guess, though. The way I am feeling these days makes me wonder if we’ll pass through on Oct. 28. I hope so! I hardly dare believe we will ever be free of the pressure that has been building up for so long.

But for now, please excuse me, while I run back to hide in my books!

Finding your own pace

Comments Posted on Sep 26, 2011 12:33PM

I tend to hurt all over when I walk. I’m talking feet, back, the works. I get cranky and just want to sit down. Admittedly I am not in prime condition. Plus I have hypermobile joints and a couple of other ailments.

This is why I was very surprised the other day when I walked a longer distance feeling just grand.

Something was different, you see. I wasn’t walking with anyone, no family, no children, no sightseeing, just getting from one place to the other on my own.

It turns out that my natural pace of walking is fast. Seeing me you would think I am in a hurry but left to my own that is my natural walking pace. At that pace I walk in a flow. Anything slower than that I start to hurt all over.

Realizing this I turned philosofical. Isn’t this true for our lives? If you try to match someone else’s preferred pace, you might well end up feeling uncomfortable.

What do you think about the weather?

Q&A Posted on Sep 03, 2011 10:47AM

I was asked this question resently. Well, I think the weather is behaving just like it supposed to. Apparently we are on our way to a cooling cycle. Those are preceeded by a warmer periode. The warmer weather melts the ice on polarcaps, more water is circulating, weather patterns change.

On top of that the melting of the ice caps mean a different weight distribution on the continental plates, which leads to earthquakes because of new adjustments – which leads to volcanic activity as when you shake a Coke.

Nothing mysterious about all of this. A bit of a nuisance perhaps, but nothing mysterious.

Light a match

Comments Posted on Sep 02, 2011 10:48AM

I heard this from Kryon resently. I like it a lot!

All you need to do is light your match. All you need to do is be your light. You don’t have to talk to anyone or preach to anyone. Just be and let your light shine quietly.

If you are in a room full of people, and the room is dark, just a single match will bring light. It does not matter where the light comes from. Some might try to find the source of the light and in turn also light a match. Other won’t care other than be happy for the light.

Just be yourself, be gounded, be in your world, and light your match. Don’t worry about the others. You are still making a difference.

Resolve A Problem

Links Posted on Aug 28, 2011 09:05PM

The text below is copy/paste from Dick Suphen’s ( newletter. It is not I who is speaking, but Dick Sutphen:

The following questions are part of a process I
have used on occasion in seminars after the participants have an
understanding of the key ideas I teach. But I figure if you have
subscribed to this column for very long, you have that background.
Ideally, I would put you into an altered state of consciousness before
asking you the questions. Instead, you’ll have to breathe deeply, get
quiet and trust the first thoughts that pop into your mind in response
to each question.

1. Pick a problem in your life involving another person and clearly define it.

2. Have you acknowledged the problem as a reality that needs to
be dealt with, or are you ignoring it, hoping it will go away or resolve

3. Can you accept that on a karmic level, you are responsible
for the problem? Yes or no? (You set up the problem as an opportunity to
learn a needed lesson.)

4. Is there any kind of payoff in keeping the problem? By that I
mean, are you somehow served in other ways by allowing the problem to
continue? Yes or no? (As an example, dealing with the problem might
complicate your life or cause you emotional pain.)

5. Do you sincerely desire to resolve this problem? Yes or no?

6. Do you need more information before you can act to resolve
the problem? If so, how do you obtain the knowledge you require?

7. Can you reframe the situation? Don’t look at it as conflict
between competing solutions. Instead, define it in terms of conflicting
needs. What are your needs? What are the other person’s needs?

8. The only way to solve a problem involving others is to make
it a win-win situation. Be creative. How can both of your needs be

9. Are you assuming there are only a couple of solutions? If so,
you’re arguing for your limitations. There are probably numerous ways
to achieve the results you desire. Ask yourself the right questions.
Forget about what other people think … what society thinks. How else
could you handle the situation?

10. Assuming you have various options to handle your problem, what are the prices and potential rewards of each option?

11. Are you willing to pay the price?

12. What do you really want to do? Not what is the best option,
or the most realistic or sensible decision, but what do you really want
to do?

13. What does that communicate to you?

14. You are creating your own reality with every thought that
flows through your mind. Everything you think, say and do creates karma
… and that includes the motive, intent and desire behind everything
you think, say and do. Knowing this, how are you going to handle the

15. Take a few moments to visualize the situation as resolved, and experience how you feel about it.

Quote of the day

Comments Posted on Aug 18, 2011 01:28PM

“At the precipice we change”

– The Day the Earth Stood Still

August 2011 newsletter from Satya Center

Links Posted on Aug 11, 2011 05:09PM

Read the newsletter in full here:

A quote:
“On the upside, Sun is conjunct Venus, which may help to soften the
harsh energies of the Grand Cardinal Cross. Mercury is retrograde, which
impels us all to focus on our inner life. If your month has been like
mine, then a little moment for meditation or contemplation would be most

Even better news is that the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square that
has been active the last few years will be de-activated after the month
of August, and we should have nearly a year of relief from the extremely
challenging outer planet aspects that comprise the Cardinal Cross, the
Cardinal T-Square and the various oppositions and squares that it
generates over a long period of time.”

Quote from Clarifying the Timeline of Change: 2012 and Beyond! by astrologer Bill Herbst:

“My take on the astrology of 2012 and beyond (basically, through the symbolism
and history of the Uranus-Pluto first-quarter square) is that this entire decade
be marked by an unfolding series of sporadic but ever-more-frequent
shocks,” Herbst contends. “The collective breakdowns/awakenings/cosmic
cattle prods/whatever will most likely unfold in increments. Each new development in the accelerating cascade of collapse/breakdown events will cause a small percentage of former sleepers to
be jolted awake. No single event or time period in the years ahead is likely to do
more than that. Though the pace of change does accelerate, the overview is still
little by little rather than all at once.”

“My private expectation is that we probably can’t look for any real or effective
responses at the collective level to the accelerating cascade of crises until the
last four years of the decade—2016 at the earliest,” Bill argues.

“Close” doesn’t count

Comments Posted on Aug 10, 2011 06:16PM

There were riots in Manchester last night. When I read about it this morning I realized that it is where my husband is right now. I sent him a text message asking if he had been ok, expecting him to perhaps not even know about it.

The answer I got was a bit different:

“We were out for dinner and 30 hooligans came out from an alley just as we reached the hotel. We managed to get past them unhurt and were let in through the otherwise locked door with the hooligans were throwing stones on the windows.”

My first reaction was one of drama, feeling that it had been a very close call. After a while my thoughts were that with the changes we are seeing, perhaps we should not worry about “close”. I am not sure that any of us will avoid “close”.

In any case it is always wise to remember that we are exactly where we should be.

I would like to add that it is always a good idea to trust your intuition and stay well grounded as much of the time as possible. I believe in potentials, not in destiny. Let your intuition help you find the potentials you have planned.

Who’s afraid of…?

Comments Posted on Aug 09, 2011 11:00PM

A lot of people are really scared about the economy these days. The feeling is almost tangible. Even children seem more on edge than usual and ask questions about if something terrible is going to happen to the world.

Personally I feel it too. I am more tired and feel both restless and in low spirit. But as I know they are not really my feelings, I wait for them to pass.

I remember being scared, though. When Leeman Brothers and the others went down I had a couple of pretty bad days. I can’t remember if it was two or three years ago. My memory is horrible – or maybe I just ignore liniar time… But it was Sept. 15.

It seemed that I could follow the potentials that this implied all the way to end of the conventional economy. I said goodbye to what little pension fund I had, feeling convinced that the money would be long gone before I reach retirement. I started wondering who owns a house if the institution you borrowed the money from has disappeared. I had a lot of questions. None of them have been answered yet.

As time passed I realised that I was waaaaay ahead of the game. I still have no idea if we are talking decades or even centuries. I do know now that no prediction is ever certain. We can change our future and do it all the time. Certain potentials are present, though, and I guess that’s what I tapped into.

The nice thing is that I not afraid any more. I have had plenty of time to get used to the idea that everything known about our financial institutions will eventually crumble. I still believe so. But I have also had time to think that in order to built new we must take down the old. Otherwise there would not be room. So take a look at what is falling: anything based on greed, power and manipulation.

Ok, so there probably won’t be any pension fund for me. But maybe I won’t need it. Maybe we’ll all have evolved so much that we help each other instead. Maybe we won’t need to retire because we are doing what we love. Maybe we won’t even get paid to work but just do what we are passionate about and have our needs covered that way.

Impressions of pearls

Comments Posted on Aug 06, 2011 12:03PM

I am not the big crystal geek – very un-New Age like there 🙂 My only weakness is Lemurian crystals. On the other hand I do love gems and to wear them as jewelry and sometimes I get impressions of the function of a gem, that I am wearing.

A year ago I started taking an interest in pearls. I started out with freshwater pearls and they were fun and pretty. Now I have been fortunate enough to recieve a string of very beautiful Tahitian pearls for my birthday. The pearls are a very personal gift as they were actually bought from the farmer who produce them, Kamoka Pearls.

I finished the necklace strand yesterday (I often make my own jewelry) and here are the impressions that came to me during the first hours I was wearing it. They came about as a series of text message to my colleague, Anne:

First impression:
Pearls are the essens of Nature. Completely without processing (unless they are modern day Akoya) contrary to gold. Therefore you get a very different effect by wearing pearls than wearing gold. It is not really a question of an economic investment but an energetic one. It is my impression that the expanded contact to Gaia could help me even further in being in the right place and avoid areas that do not serve me in this time of dramatic change. And strangely I feel even taller than usual here at the mall where I am right now.

Second impression:
The expanded contact with Gaia makes it easier for me to stay in my own space regardsless of where I am. Right now I am at the supermaket at the mall, a place that makes me want to run away screaming within minutes, but this time I am fine. I sense that the new connection will improve further my ability to absorb nutritients through other sources. It also does not feel coincidental that I only finished the necklace after finally managing two days without meat, after the vacation.

Third impression:
It is not so much a question of being grounded. It is more a question of getting more information because I access more scources. It is not without reason that I started taking an interest in pearls. It is also not without reason that I am solely attracted to saltwater pearls now. Freshwater pearls do not have this effect – something about bigger oysters and only one pearl pr. oyster, and perhaps the sea itself is closer connected or more focused to Gaia. The more pearls you wear, the stronger the effect.

Forth impression:
It is a fact that diamonds loose their shine when you wear them because they attract the grease from the skin and have to be cleaned constantly. Pearls on the other hand need contact with the skin to live/become activated – the more you wear them, the more beautiful they become. Diamonds connects upwards. Pearls connect you to Gaia. Together it must be near perfect, maybe the reason why powerful people through the ages have combined the two!

Should be interesting…

Comments Posted on Aug 01, 2011 02:07PM

I have a seven year old daughter. Together with son and husband we have just spent five weeks 24/7. I don’t think I have realised before just how well she reads other people. So many times she knew exactly what I wasn’t saying or what was bothering me, that I was trying to keep to myself (usually because I found it silly).

She would voice exactly what I was feeling and often comfort me. So much for privacy…

In fact she was reading me as accurately as I seem to read people. Now, how much fun is this going to be when she reaches puberty… Though I do appriciate that she feels safe enough to say out loud what is on her mind. I am pretty sure I didn’t at her age.

So what was it about the yoga class?

Comments Posted on Aug 01, 2011 02:01PM

I should probably do a follow up on my knee and yoga.

It is quite common for me not to know why I am guided in a certain direction at the time when it happens. Alas, it is also not uncommon for me never to find out. But in the case of why I was keeping myself from attending yoga I actually found out.

It seems that I had been making myself focusing my energy completely – like an engine reving up and finally letting go. Apart from not opening up and sharing energy in the yoga class I had also felt the need to do any number of energy movements with my hands for a longer periode of time. Those are called ‘mudras’ and in this case they came about intuitively (meaning: I didn’t have a clue what I was doing). I am sure you can imagine how funny it looked.

I finally reached to point in my book where the main character sends out a magnetic DNA-modification. I had suspected for some time that something would be built into the book but I had no idea it would be so powerful! I wrote the paragraph and it was like letting loose the racecar. I sent energy for almost a full day, more powerful than anything I have experienced before, and it all made sense. That was what I had been preparing for.

I finished the book about two months ago and though I have started the next book, I think that for now at least I will be able to rejoin yoga class.


Links Posted on May 10, 2011 10:58PM

Below is part of a Dick Suthen column. The whole piece can be found here:


The positive or negative qualities you
react to in others are a reflection of the same qualities within you.
Other people are a mirror for you to see yourself. The mirror has four
primary manifestations: 1. That which you admire in others you recognize
within yourself; 2. That which you resist and react to strongly in
others is sure to be found within yourself; 3. That which you resist and
react to in others is something you are afraid exists within you; and
4. That which you resist in yourself, you will dislike in others.

You have reincarnated to learn to rise above the effects of
fear. And your fears will always be reflected in your reactions to
others. Thus your goals are very obvious once you are able to perceive
them clearly.

The next time an opportunity arises, examine your reactions to
others by searching yourself for the corresponding traits. If your
reaction is negative, it is rooted in a fear that needs to be resolved.
See the people you dislike as mirrors instead of adversaries.

Listening to your body

Comments Posted on May 03, 2011 05:33PM

I have had knee problems, left knee, for some time. I have tried to work around it in different ways. At one point I got the impression that I had a blokage in the knee to keep me from pulling in too much disturbing energy. I tried to remedy that by “installing” a filter in the space between the surface and my foot. It helped for a while.

But the pain returned. For a while there seemed to be some connection between who I was with and how my knee felt. My main concern, though, was that the knee pain kept from going to yoga class.

In the fall I finally got started with yoga again and I enjoy it very much. Last Thursday I tried to go to class even though the knee was hurting. I had to acknowledge that yoga made the knee worse.

Finally I was ready to listen to what I had suspected for a while. Right now is not the time for me to go to yoga class. It is not the yoga as such but the class. The reason is that I am writing my first novel (in Danish) and I have suddenly got very caught up in that work. It has turned out to be a major piece of energy work. In fact I feel at times that I am not really here, being so absorbed in the world I have created.

The message my intuition was sending me was that I needed to stay completely focused in my energy for this work and not expose myself to large yoga classes where other peoples energy might blend with mine.

I know, it sounds silly, but you know what? The minute I told my yoga teacher I was taking a break the knee started improving. Today is the day after my decision and it is the first time in weeks that my knee hasn’t hurt. Wonder when I’ll be able to go back to yoga class… Maybe after I finish second volume as well? 🙁


Comments Posted on Apr 13, 2011 09:15PM

Both my children are like me very particular eaters. To outsiders it translates to being very picky and difficult about what we want to eat. In my life it has been quiet a social handicap but not one I have been able to change very much.

This past weekend we were 9 adults and 6 children for an extended family weekend. We were staying in a hotel and part of the package was a nightly buffet.

At first my children got the usual stares from the family for having only bread and a either corn or carrots on their plates. But as the adults got down to eating a funny thing happened that stayed with me.

The adults didn’t like the food. It was some kind of Carribian theme with a lot of coconut and it was not a popular choice with the family. So while the adults were very unhappy with the food, it also being the big subject the next day, my 10 year old son sat happily eating what he claimed was some of the best bread he had ever had.

He had a wonderful, satisfying meal of freshly baked bread with carrots (and all-you-can-eat ice cream :-)). I guess the point is that sometimes less is more.


Comments Posted on Apr 07, 2011 01:18PM

If you have read some of my previous posts you might remember the meeting of a make-up artist in the the local department store. Here is the follow up to that story. You see, what happened was this: Nothing 🙂

I did pamper myself with one more free make-up session that week. The woman was asking many questions but she had suddenly become too busy to visit my website to ask for the “Creating Your Own Reality”.

This happens often to me. I offer information. If what I offer is not relevant to the people I meet after all, I don’t hear from them again. If I was running a clinic that might be a problem for me in terms of money but fortunately I have chosen a different route, so I am completely detached about the matter.

I am very happy that it is not up to me to decide what a person needs. I am not out to save anyone – only to provide information if asked.

An information buffet

Comments Posted on Mar 30, 2011 11:28AM

I talk a lot. At least I think so myself. Or rather, it does depend on the situation. I can be very quiet but it is pretty boring at times.

I can also be quiet when I am listening to a person who has something to tell me. But when it comes to small talk I either chatter away or clam up completely. The last situation occurs if I am in the company of people who roll their eyes when they hear the words like “energy”. If my company is just in the least interested, that’s when I chatter away.

I saw a look of dawning understanding on the face of an aquintance today when I explained that I consider my talk a kind of buffet. Take what you need and want and leave the rest.

I never talk about time being non-linear or 12-stranded DNA or psychic impressiones to try to convince anyone that I am right. I’m just sharing my world. I don’t know if I am right. But in order to form your own opinion you need a lot of information to mold it from, cutting away what isn’t relevant to you.

That is what I offer when I chatter away. Information. Who knows what you might need. Who knows what you might need 20 years from now. I vividly remember the mother of my boyfriend’s friend taking an evening to tell me about past lives and how they might influence my present life. Duh? It took almost 20 years for me to believe in reincarnation. But she plantet a seed to what came much later for me.

This is also why I like to write. I tell my stories and you can take whatever you need from them. “Tales of White Magic” can be a bunch of more or less interesting tales or an extensive manual in how to do energy work. It’s all up to you. I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me how you use it. Love it 🙂

Something to look forward to

Comments Posted on Mar 24, 2011 02:37PM

I just had a fun exchange with my dear friend Anne. About 2.5 years ago I was in Chennai, India, and had a palmleaf reading done. That is in itself a fun story. Note to self to copy that chapter from Tales of White Magic to this blog.

I reread my notes at times and doing so yesterday I realized that Anne had never read the notes. As we exchanged back and forth it became very clear to me that part of the reading wasn’t just for me. It was work we would be doing together.

Today we have been exchanging descriptions of room we have both seen in our minds for several years (in my case since that trip to India). It appears to be the same room. I see a very simple house, empty of furniture except a few chairs and a desk. I think it is in India. There is sun light coming in but the window is very high up and I can’t see out. One by one I heal the people who are coming into the room. There is a long line and people have waited a long time but they are patient. There is a translater in the room with me. The sessions are very fast. I am able to work through very many people but I am also very tired at the end.

Anne sees much of the same. She sees a glass with donations that I haven’t seen. But now I have been able to move my vision outside of the room and I see that it is not a single room. The house has a front part to it and from that half of the very small house (more like a clinic) there are two doors to two identical rooms. Anne is in one room and I am in the other.

According to the palm reading this is still a couple of years into the future. But what a wonderful adventure to look forward to!


Comments Posted on Mar 20, 2011 11:15PM

I used to love spring. That was before I ended up in a house with a garden. These days spring mostly means that I have more items on my list of things I don’t want to do. And for some reason I can’t find anyone else to do them either.

I somehow dislike garden work as much as I dislike cleaning. I can’t really explain why. Haven’t got a clue. But I am boiling over and swearing while I work my way through getting the garden ready after the winter. Thoroughly ungrateful.

Great practice! Not of garden work but in trying (in vain) to accept a situation that cannot be changed. I cannot change the fact of the house presently and I also cannot change the need for getting the garden ready. So I have to do it.

As some wise men said: “If you can’t find joy, find at least acceptance”. I’m trying. Right now the best I can do is stay away from my family for a bit after I am done for the day to cool down. Which is not a bad idea either. I also went straight in to work on something I liked and was looking forward to doing. I went out for coffee a little later, another reward. And I have started early so that I will not ruin too much of the spring by trying to ignore the mess in the garden everytime I walk by.

What is going on?

Q&A Posted on Mar 18, 2011 02:23PM

A friend of mine called me last night. “What on Earth is happening?” she was asking. “The young children I work with as well as my own are going crazy. The parents are yelling at me and I thought I was centered but right now I feel completely thrown off.”

Check this list:

– The earthquake in Japan was so powerful that not only has Japan moved app. 4 meters. The aksis of the Earth has been moved a full 16.5 cm. This means that the Earth now rotates a tiny bit faster and the days now are a tiny bit shorter. This also means a realignment of the Earths magnectic field.

– It is full moon this Saturday (tomorrow) with the moon closer to the Earth than it has been in a long time and will be again until Nov. 2016. This means a stronger magnetic pull.

– Our bodies are made out of atoms. Atoms are held together by gravitational and magnetic forces. Change the magnetic grid on Earth and you change the make-up of our bodies.

– Add to this that it is spring equinox on Sunday, which by itself is always a point of powerful energy changes.

– Finally we all, at least subconsciously, pick up the distress of the people in Japan and in the Middeleast.

Is it any wonder that people feel beside themselves? And the children too. Like most adults they cannot voice why they are feeling completely off. They just don’t feel good and they are not shy to tell us.

What you can try to do for yourself and your children is to say this “I let go of all that isn’t mine.” It won’t fix the magnetic alignements going on but you may also give intention for those to happen as fast and easy as possible.

Finally, remember that it is only yours if you want it. If you stop looking for reasons for feeling out of sorts in your life and just accept that there are reasons for it that you can’t control, it is easier to wait it out. You don’t need to react. It really doesn’t have anything to do with you. And it will go away again.


Comments Posted on Mar 18, 2011 09:00AM

A couple of years ago I read the book by Arjuna Ardagh, The Translucent Revolution. It is a book with 170 interviews with people who have become enlightened / attained consciousness.

The best way for me to describe those terms would that it is reconnecting deep in your body to an absolute knowing that you have a soul and that the body is only a temporary vessal. Once you truly experience this your life becomes much less tense and stressful.

What I really loves about Arjuna Ardagh’s book was the term “transluscent”. His point is that you are not either enlightened or not. It is not on/off, 0/1. It is a gradual scale of your degree of transluscence and it can shift from moment to moment.

Your are less transluscent in the morning, hurrying the kids out the door. Perhaps half an hour later you have had your coffee and you are more transluscent. It fluctuates.

I would like to add two things to this picture. One is that you will never loose your consciousness / enlightment. Once you have experienced it you will always be able to reclaim the knowledge at some point or another.

This brings me back to a previous post of mine. It is not a question of whether you will loose your balance, once you have found it. You will.

And here is the other thing to add to the picture. You are able to control, at least to some degree, how transluscent you are. You can work on regaining your balance. The very good news is that the more you practice the easier it becomes, and the higher your translucsence avarage will be.

Kryons channelling regarding Japan

Links Posted on Mar 17, 2011 05:17PM

This is the link I got it from:

This is the channelling:

Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic service. There is much
fear in the air at this time, and I wish to give you this message of
hope. In January I told you that the numerology of this year was a four
(4). This is the GAIA number… all things dealing with the earth. I also
reminded you that the weight of the water is being redistributed from
the ice on the polar caps to the oceans as the ice continues to melt.
This would result in more earthquakes and volcanoes. Here is also a
quotation from that channeling:

“Now we say it again. This is not punishment to humanity. The
things that are happening on the planet today are not meant as the final
step of Gaia in order to kill the civilization of humanity. I say this,
for right now this message is on the lips of those who want to startle
and scare you and give you fear, that is not what’s happening. What is
happening on this planet is a shift that will create a planet that’s
going to last a long time, allowing you what you need …”

(From Boulder channelling)

Now, suddenly the month of the three (March) it is upon you. The
three represents the catalyst. A catalyst is something that occurs,
which can changes something else. Anyone dealing in numerology would
have expected Gaia to move in this month, as well as the month of the 5
(May) coming later.

Those in the sweet country [Japan] who received this disaster are not
the target of God. They simply sit in a place that has always been ripe
with GAIA change and are volcanic and earthquake sensitive. Just like
their counterparts in South America, this is where they chose to live.
The compassion generated by this event is considerable, and I have also
channeled recently that it is compassion that creates significant change
on the planet, and you are starting to see it.

1. Let us take a moment to also remind you that Spirit does not
know when these events are coming any more than you do. All we have is
the potentials based on Human consciousness and the energetic signs
around them. We knew that the South American earthquake was coming soon,
and told those in Chile one year before the event. The Japan earthquake
was similar, in that the potentials were there, and also the
numerology. But details are absolutely not known by Spirit in these
things, and it could have been years before it happened in this way, or
not at all. This is because we have given Humanity the tool of
consciousness over matter. Your shift determines everything.

Dear ones, send energy of compassion to those on this island nation,
and give them the strength and resolve to bring forward a greater nation
due to this. Help unite them in love and family as they cope with the
loss and the separation. “BE” their family in this time.

Be aware that each one who passed over in these last few days
absolutely knew at the Akashic level that there was a potential they
would not last past 2011. We have spoken of this many times before. At
the wind of birth, potentials are known about what the Humans might do
on the earth. This is not fortune telling, but rather potential
measuring. Since this was the strongest potential, these beautiful
aspects of God [Humans] came into this planet anyway as spiritual
family, ready to participate in one of the largest disaster events of
your decade. They knew it would change much, and it will.

Celebrate their lives and know that they are ALL home. Now, send
energy to those left behind that they might find peace in the fact that
those who were lost did something amazing for the planet. They increased
the compassion level of the crystalline grid. They have done their
part, and left you to do yours.

2. Are you now aware of what I have been telling you for more
than ten years about the alternate ways of creating electricity? This
single event will shut down your nuclear programs for years. So now is
the time to review what we have said:

Spirit does not judge humanity. Humans are free to do whatever they
choose based on the consciousness that is developed by their own
vibrations. For years, however, we have told you of very viable
alternative ways to create power for all your cities. We have done it
over and over, and you can find these channellings all through my work.
Now perhaps you know why we have concentrated on this issue, for this
one earthquake shows you the danger you face world-wide by continuing on
the nuclear path. Listen: You do NOT need this technology any longer.
It will not serve you well.

Nuclear power is a very expensive and dangerous way to create a steam
engine. That’s all a nuclear plant is… a way to create steam. Again we
tell you that you can use the funds that would create one nuclear power
plant to research far better ways to make electricity that are not
dangerous and have almost no environmental impact.

A. Geo thermal energy: Heat is underneath your feet in abundance.
You can create as much steam as you want forever. Remember, there are
some new exotic fluids that will boil far faster than water, so the heat
does not have to be what you think. If this disaster had occurred at a
geo thermal plant, the worst it would have done would have ruined it.
Then you build another.

B. Thousands of tons of push pull energy per hour, on a constant
fixed time line [the tides] are available on your coast lines. This
island nation is perfect for tide and wave generated power. Again, the
worst thing that would have happened to these plants would have been the
necessity to rebuild them. No danger to those living around them.

Are you going to take this world-changing event to finally see these
options as real, and viable? The nuclear disaster was created for you to
stop and change direction. Only time will tell if it was worth it. But
quite often disaster must occur before Humanity sees what has always
been before them… the promise of something better.

The largest cities on earth sit on the ocean, perfect for this power
generated option. But it has not been seen this way, nor are the
potentials being realized. Think large! Take the finest minds and create
new scenarios to harness what GAIA has given you… the power of the
tides and oceans forever, right where you need it the most.

The time is upon you to create the next step…

Given in love… always,


Japan II

Comments Posted on Mar 16, 2011 08:58PM

The next part of the story of what is happening in Japan seems to be describes here among other places:

“WikiLeaks reveals government warned about nuclear plant safety in 2008”

Suddenly we move from a story of one accidental disaster after the other to a story of greed and negligence as we see often these days. Our time right now could be covered by the head line ‘The Loss of Power’

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