A while back a new contact called me up after we had talked during the day. She felt quite embarrassed about it but my perfume gave her headaches, if I could please wear another. That was a bit of a problem as I only own one perfume, don’t really feel like wearing another, and tend to drop in on my new friend spontaneously.

I suggested an experiment inspired by an experience I had with Bradford Tilden once. We were in Portugal in the company of our dear friend, Maria, driving along in her car when suddenly Bradford burst into a loud and dramatic chant. That was not an unusual thing to happen in Bradford’s company but it came so unexpectedly I couldn’t help laughing and ask him if he was having fun or being serious. He shrugged and pointed to the reeking old truck just in front of us. “Call it what you like, but the smell is gone, isn’t it?” And it sure was.

I told my friend I would try to isolate her from the smell of the perfume and in case I failed she was welcome to ask me to wash it off when I visited her. I know there’s chanting somewhere deep inside me but I feel embarrassed about it, so I figured I’d try to block the smell simply through intention and energy movement.

The next time I parked outside her place, I focused on my intention to build an invisible wall that would keep the smell from reaching her. She asked me later if I had deliberately not put on the perfume that day…

I was pretty excited with my success and decided that, rather than having to remember to the blocking every time I went to see her, I would simply program through intention that she will be forever isolated against the smell of my perfume – but only her, not other people.

Go ahead! Create your own reality!