I came across a man today who gave me information that was very useful to me, but that I didn’t know I was looking for. I met him on the stairs of the building where I’m moving my office desk to, and the whole feeling was so surreal that I suspect he may not even have existed before or after I talked to him. Is this a new service from Google, I wonder?

The story of my new workspace is a good example of synchronicity on the whole.

In early spring I read an article in the local newspaper about a resently opened place called Loosen up. I felt the little signs that told me the information was significant, but other than visit the website a couple of times I didn’t act on it.

By June I had begun to look for a space where I could set up a desk to ground a professional energy by moving whatever business I wanted to get into out of my home. Simultaniously I contacted Fie at Loosen up because the article had mentioned that she rented out space, saw the building where Fie resides, Amager Strandvej 122, for rent on the internet (total space is 3,200 square meters and it was rented in lots of no less than 100 square meters), and finally the building was mentioned by a yoga friend of mine who was looking for a place for her yogastudio.

I called Fie but felt sure even before we met, that her space was not what I was looking for. But meeting her was a joy and we couldn’t stop talking. Turned out we had even signed up for the same Mindfulness instructor class this fall.

By the time I returned from my vacation in the US, I had become more serious about getting a business address. I had also learned more about what I had to offer and no longer wanted just an office for coaching sessions. I also wanted a ‘home’ for my paintings, jewelry making and new found photography skills. This made me eligible for Amager Strandvej 122 as the main condition for renters was that they worked with creative projects. But I had no need nor funds for 100 square meters.

Finding new inspiration and new connections everytime I visited Fie, I got more and more interested in finding a base at this particular place. I wrote the owner and asked if he knew of a tenant who had more space than they needed. Of all the activities I listed in my mail, he centered on photography and forwarded the mail to a photostudio, saying that a fellow photographer was looking for a place. Again, this mail gave me goosebumbs though it seemed completely irrelevant to advertise me as looking for a photostudio.

Guess where I just set up my desk today: Flash and Burn Photostudio, Amager Strandvej 122. I’m writing a blog about hanging out there if you want to know more.

Oh, and the information I recieved today? It was about the history of the building. It turns out it was used by autistic and retarted youth. Autistic people live multidimentionally. I’ve rented a space in a portal/vortex. It’s even right by the sea. No wonder I felt the need to be there.