Often I hear or read about energy workers (light workers) fretting
over what they are supposed to do, what their life purpose is. It seems
that most of us feel we need to do something special, that we came for a
special job, and if we don’t discover what it is our life here is

Yesterday I found myself recieving a lesson in looking at things
from a different perspective. Right now I’m travelling the Westcoast of
the US and as such my acrylic nails will be tended to by whomever I come
across at the time when they need a fill. Yes, it is okay for energy
workers to have acrylic nails if they feel like it 😀

I dropped by a simple and inexpensive nail salon. After a short
wait an Asian man of 40-50 years tended to my nails. I had all my
‘fordomme’ challenged when he turned out to be an energy worker going
about his job. He didn’t say a word other than the introduction and the
finishing lines, but from the moment he began working on my hands I felt
overflowed with the most amazing, soothing, high vibrating energy
radiating from him. I have no idea if he was aware of what he was doing,
but I realized that as he sits there, day after day, tending to the
customers in a low profile job, he does a world of good.

Now, why is it we think that we need to be doing something special
as energy workers? What we transmit is special. How we transmit doesn’t
make the least bit of difference. What ever form of presence you have
here on Earth is perfect and in accordance with your life purpose. You
only need to be here. It doesn’t matter what you do.