My eyesight is a funny construction. I’m nearsighted and have astigmatism on both eyes, one of them of some magnitude. But once compensated for, my eyesight is keener than the optomotrist’s equipment.

I don’t mind too much wearing glasses. I never wear them around the house anyway – not anymore, and being nersighted has saved me the trouble of having to use reading glasses so far, as my sight is perfect for reading and working on the computer.

Still, my eyes went from not ‘too bad’ to ‘better’ some years ago. I had to get new glasses because the old ones were too strong all of a sudden and gave me a headache.

Right now I’m in the situation of having lost my glasses. They disappeared a week ago. I was wearing them doing a major clean-up of the house, and when I was done I was no longer wearing them. Haven’t seen them since. I wear my perscription sun glasses when driving and the rest of time I make do without. I expect them to turn up again, but I also suspect that it may be time for another readjustment of my sight.

In the book ‘Conscious Medicine’, page 186, it says that when children develop eyesight problems, they usually don’t want to see what is going on in the family. It makes sense in my case. I also firmly believe that anything less than perfect health is a result of energy blokage. So the question is: Can I make do without glasses and have 20/20 hawk-eyed vision at the age of 48?

I’m not sure. I’m not sure I’m ready yet. My glasses serves me as a kind of filter, keeping the 3D world at bay, and being able to only see what is in my immediate surroundings is also a kind of defense. But as my glasses are not here, and me eyes are free to adjust, I thought I might give it a bit of work.

I’ve been using the tool for cutting ties from my Survival Kit to cut ties to what made me react with poorer eyesight to start with. I’m doing that once or twice a day. I’ve stated the intention to bring in DNA from a life when I had no eyesight problems (a technique from Kryon), and I’ve been stating the intention that I am ready to face the world without filter. Finally I’m working on de-calcifying my nerves so I can regain the flexibility of my eyes from when I was younger. A friend of mine wants to use acedic acid on hers (in her mind, of course). I like the idea of shaking off the calcium with high vibrations better 🙂

Some time next week I’ll try for an eye test. You can get one for free at eye wear shops here in Denmark. It’s almost as exciting as being on a diet, not having been weighed yet and not yet knowing if it will work.