There always seems to be a theme running as an undercurrent. You’ll recognize it in what you are confronted with, and what is brought to the surface for you to make peace with. Sometimes it’s money, in April is was Power, and in May Commitment.

I find that even just before New Year we had at least several months, sometimes half a year, to work with the energies, the theme, we were in. But now – as I guess we all feel quite strongly – things are speeding up. Now the theme seems to shift every month. That gives us 12 (!) strong themes to be challenged by in a single year. Spring cleaning is here!

I would feel very lost without the monthly forecasts from Power Path. I eagerly await them at the first of every month to see what lies in store for me. What I have discovered is that I benefit greatly from rereading them at the end of each month.

The themes, we are being faced with, run very deep and are very powerful, and though it is on my mind through out the month rereadign the forecast helps me round off the theme in a good way before the next comes along.

The monthly themes for 2012 do overlap to some degree, but I feel much more ready for the challenges ahead when I have done all the work, I can do, before I enter the next theme. Rereading – and reworking – the present months forecast at aorund this time has turned out to be essential to me.