In continuation of my blog the other day “What is dis-ease and what can we heal?” a kind of Big Picture system of five categories came to mind today. If you are a healer it might help you in your work to be able to recognize where your client is at, since it’ll give you valuable information about the chances of successful healing.

1) People who have health issues, have not resolved the blockage in their energy system that caused the health issue, and do not recognize that they have a blockage.
– There is no way you can heal a person at this stage. For various reasons they have no wish to be healed (see this blog for some possible reasons). As you cannot remove the splinter, so to speak, all you can do is temporarily relieve the “infection”. But you cannot make the symptoms go away all together. The symptoms, the dis-ease, will always return.

2) People who have health issues, recognize that there might be a blockage / a splint and hold out their hand, so to speak, turning their heads, and expect you to remove the splinter for them without them having to even look at the splinter.
– There is no way you can heal this person either. Unless the dis-eased person takes responsability you can’t help them. A blockage can only be resolved by the person who created it. You can facilitate the removal and the healing, but you can’t do it without the cooporation of the person and the true intent to change.

3) People who have health issues, have not resolved the blockage in their energy system, are willing to recognize that there is one but are in too much pain (physically or psychologically) to work on it.
– In this case no true healing can happen until the splinter/blockage is removed, but temporary healing of the infection/symptoms can be the relief needed to be able to solve the issue. After the resolution of the blockage, the body will be ready to begin heal itself for good.

4) People who have health issues, recognize that there is a blockage in their energy system (a “splinter”), and want to remove so that their body can heal.
– Help can be needed to identify and resolve the blockage. Help might also be needed to heal the body afterwards.

5) People who have health issues, even though the blockage has already been resolved.
– Sometimes the blockage of the energy system has been so severe that the body needs help to heal. Perhaps the fear issue that locked the solar plexus is long gone, but the blocked solar plexus led to a lung dis-ease. Then you would need to relieve the tension in the solar plexus in order to be able to breathe properly, and then the lung dis-ease can be healed.

As a healer of any kind you can certainly work with people in categories 1 and 2, but as in all cases you need to let go of the feeling of being responsable for their healing. The fact that you can’t heal them is a reflection of their state of mind and readyness to change – not of your abilities as a healer.

As a healer also know that though there seems to be no way to get through to categories 1 and 2 and though you might not be successful with category 3, and you may not be what categories 4 and 5 need, you can always plant a seed. It is impossible to know what you say today that might suddenly make sense 20 years from now. Or what energy work you have done that might suddenly be of use 10 years hence. I do recommend, though, that you consider how much time you are willing to spend on categories 1 – 3 if you’re not getting paid for the full extend of your work.