As always what you read here is just my way of looking at things. Use it or disregard it at your leasure 🙂

If I was to define illness / dis-ease I would say that it is the physical manifestation of a blockage in your energy system. If you look at it that way, what it implies is that you can’t heal your body without getting rid of the blockage or – if you get rid of the blockage you can heal your body.

Yesterday a friend of mine was trying to figure out how I could be having problems with osteoarthritis and not try to heal it. I gave him the image of a splinter in your hand. The wound is infected and hurts, and the splinter is still there. No amount of healing will effectively make the infection go away before the splinter is also removed.

In my case, I know exactly why I’m having problems with osteoarthritis at this point. I’ve already done my homework 🙂 My condition has returned, because I live in a very large house. When I feel responsible for repairing the house – involving odd jobs I all dislike – my knees and shoulder start to hurt. Through a coincidence it was diagnosed as osteoarthritis.

But whenever I let go of feeling I have to be the caretaker, the pain goes away. Right now it’s back because we are getting ready to sell the house , and all the odd jobs, I don’t like, have to get done. My “benifit” from this condition is that if my joints hurt, I can’t do the jobs – or so my body thinks. In this case I do them anyway.

The moment I’m done or the moment we move out, the pain will go away. And no amount of healing from myself or others will make it go away any sooner than that, because “the splinter” is still there.

If you want to assure healing, find the splinter.