I don’t have many close friends. I need a lot of down time, I have my children to take care of, and, frankly, the things I find interesting to talk about are pretty odd. But I do have a couple of friends I see regularly, and being friends they just taught me a useful lesson.

Common for them, I believe, is that they find me interesting, wise, and entertaining, and they don’t mind me talking about multiple dimensions and upgrading DNA. I, on the other hand, usually stay well away from giving advise unless I’m asked specifically. It works well for all.

Up until now, I’ve had the belief that it can be okay to suggest means for healing of physical problems as long as I’m not attached to my friend’s choices. The useful lesson I’ve learned is that this is not so. I do get emotionally involved, and I do become judgemental about their choices, and that is not okay.

Who am I to judge what is right for any human besides myself? It is imperative to me that I keep my balance in this, and I sometimes withdraw to regain that balance. It’s not because I love them less. It’s because I love them enough to respect their choices in life.

Lesson to Self: Only, ONLY, if my friends specifically ask for help or advice, can I offer this. At any other time I must not get involved. My reality is not better, only different. Whatever pain or difficulty they may choose to experience must flow through me like water. In that way I serve them best.