Just jumping the line here 🙂 Not doing the list today. Instead I want to entertain you with a link I got yesterday. Well, not as in linking to the website but talking about it.

A kind soul thought I should be warned that a pole switch is eminent and that the world will stop rotating for six days, so we should be prepared. I have days three days as well.

Yes, we have had pole shifts before, and by this we mean that the magnetic south and north poles switch places. Yes, we will have one again – sometime within the next 100,000 years. The pole switches have not taken place at any kind of regular intervals, so the word ‘overdue’ is out of place.

The fault that runs through Oakland has adjusted with an earthquake every 140 years for a very long time. This summer it is 143 years since this happened last. That is good example of ‘overdue’.

So much for the pole switch. Now, what would happen to the gravitational force if the earth was to stop spinning? Anyone? Correct! It would not be there.

Now, what would happen to most things on earth, if the gravity disappeared? Correct! They would fall off. Oceans, people, animals, everything not tied down. As we are not a barren lump of rock, and as pole shifts have happen before, it follows that the world will probably not stop spinning the next time either.

Obviously much disruption will happen the day the poles do shift, but it is up to you to decide if you want to go into the drama or not. It’s a good one! It is a really grand drama, especially if you are looking for fear. If not, well I’ll see it when it gets here.

Worst case, it happens while I am here. Worst case, I die. Dying is easy. It is living that is tough. I don’t want to make it harder for myself by spending my time here in fear.