Here is my list:
1) 2012 in 5 min.
2) How do we manipulate time and what is it?
3) How can 800 year old palmleaves with your name on them be real?
4) How do we change our DNA to get rid of disease?
5) Why do some people make you feel great and other people leave you drained?
6) How can we solve our heating challenge now oil supplies are running out?
7) How can we ensure clean water through nano technology?
8) How can we choose to live to 250 years of age?
9) Why can we expect more earth quakes and volcanic eruptions?

And here is my answer to #1. Please note that it is my answer.
It may not be yours, and I may be plain wrong at times (if I am off
with scientific facts, please email me so I can correct). Also note that
there are many scources and many of them scientific. If you want to
find proof for any of the statements I make, be my guest. I am afraid
that I am not going to supply them for you.

Time is not linear nor constant. You know that, but you might not be aware of it. Ever heard yourself talking about time moving fast or slow? That ought to tell you something. Ever heard someone talking about a sense of time?

We pretend that time is a constant that can be measured correctly, because it is what we can understand in our three dimensions. A single timeline running from A to B is not a very accurate description. A better image would be to view time as a number of interconnected spirals.

If you can accept that time is not liniear it is easier to understand how we might control it. Try to think of situations where time either moved very fast or very slow. Well, you can control that flow. Since our world moves at a very fast pace right now the most interesting would probably be to slow time.

Slowing time will not change the number of chores you need to get done, but it will leave you room for more. Try this for practice: How long can you make 5 minutes last? Don’t think of what will happen next, do not (!) look at the watch, just make the 5 minutes, you are in, last forever – like blowing a soap bubble. When the bubble pops (or the 5 minutes finally pass), do another. You might be ready to scream after half an hour, but notice how slowly time moved.

Now consider if you had been working on boring chores during that endless half hour. You would get so much done. The most important tip is to not wear a watch anymore. A challenge? Try it.