The other day I put together a list of question that one might like an answer to – and all of the items ones that I have my answer to. Just for fun, I sent to to my dear friend and colleague Anne. She asked if I could please write a book with all my answers.

Well, I have a lot of my answers in writing, but I do admit that they are scattered over a number of books in more than one language. So I have decided to address the questions one by one in my blog – regardless of the fact that some of them have already been handled in this media as well.

Here is the list:

1) 2012 in 5 min.
2) How do we manipulate time and what is it?
3) How can 800 year old palmleaves with your name on them be real?
4) How do we change our DNA to get rid of disease?
5) Why do some people make you feel great and other people leave you drained?
6) How can we solve our heating challenge now oil supplies are running out?
7) How can we ensure clean water through nano technology?
8) How can we choose to live to 250 years of age?
9) Why can we expect more earth quakes and volcanic eruptions?

Oh my, what I have gotten myself into… And I know there are many more questions…