Here is my list:
1) 2012 in 5 min.
2) How do we manipulate time and what is it?
3) How can 800 year old palmleaves with your name on them be real?
4) How do we change our DNA to get rid of disease?
5) Why do some people make you feel great and other people leave you drained?
6) How can we solve our heating challenge now oil supplies are running out?
7) How can we ensure clean water through nano technology?
8) How can we choose to live to 250 years of age?
9) Why can we expect more earth quakes and volcanic eruptions?

And here is my answer to #1. Please note that it is my answer. It may not be yours, and I may be plain wrong at times (if I am off with scientific facts, please email me so I can correct). Also note that there are many scources and many of them scientific. If you want to find proof for any of the statements I make, be my guest. I am afraid that I am not going to supply them for you.

2012 in 5 min.

The Earth revolves around the sun, and we are affected by the changing seasons. Nothing much happens on Jan. 1, except perhaps clearing away the empty bottles and getting rid of the hangover. But passing the turning point we slowly work our way towards longer and warmer days (in the Northern hemesphere).

Just as the Earth revolves around the sun, our solar system revolves around the central sun of our galaxy – which by the way is a black hole. That there is a central sun was only determined fairly resently (or rediscovered). All the 2012 talk comes from this discovery because before that we didn’t have a reference point for the ancient observations left behind.

If passing the turning point of New Year brings about such drastic changes on Earth as spring, could we not imagine that passing the ‘New Year’ of our rotation around the central sun would also call for some changes?

It takes 5125 years to complete a circle around the central sun. Though I am not sure exactly when ‘New Year’ is (it may not be axactly 2012) we can imagine things changing over time.

And just as nothing changes from Dec. 31. to Jan. 1., it’ll take years for us to feel spring in the air.

That was Part I. We are crossing a turning point only crossed every 5125 years.

Here is Part II.

The Earth wobbles. The axis of the Earth moves every so slightly year by year. It can be determined by watching which of the 12 star constallations called the zodiac, the sun raises in on midvinter morning, Dec. 21.

It takes 26000 years to complete a full circle of the zodiac. On Dec. 21, 2012, we complete the cycle and start a new.

Just over 2000 years ago we entered the sign of the pisces. Anyone notice any change in the world then? We are entering the sign of aquarius now. It has a completely different energy / characteristic than the pisces. We go from duality and separation to holismen. That alone would be quite a change. On top of that we pile completing a 5125 year cycle and a 26000 year cycle.

Do I think the world is ending? No. Do I think we will ever go back to ‘normal’? No. Do I think anything dramatic will happen on Dec. 21, 2012? No.