Arrgghh! I feel like I am caught in a compressor. Something, weighing at least 40 pounds, is sitting on my chest making it almost impossible to breathe. Know the feeling?

It hits me whenever I lift my head from the book I am writing, the book I am giving feedback on, or the book I am reading.

The calender is full of potent looking dates including ‘9’, ’10’, and ’11’, and I’ve read somewhere that Oct. 28 is the date the Mayan calender restarts its cycle. I promise I’ll do “2012 in 5 min.” real soon but right now let me just talk about the gravity well.

It looks like this: Often it is seen as a fun exhibit in science museums. You drop a coin at the top, and the coin goes faster and faster the further down it gets, until it falls through the bottom. It is an excellent illustration of the cycles that rule our world (refer to “2012 in 5 min” that will be later posting). Guess where we are now… Real close to the bottom.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure when we’ll go through the bottom. We also don’t know a lot about what it’ll look like once we do. A whole lot calmer is a good guess, though. The way I am feeling these days makes me wonder if we’ll pass through on Oct. 28. I hope so! I hardly dare believe we will ever be free of the pressure that has been building up for so long.

But for now, please excuse me, while I run back to hide in my books!