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A quote:
“On the upside, Sun is conjunct Venus, which may help to soften the
harsh energies of the Grand Cardinal Cross. Mercury is retrograde, which
impels us all to focus on our inner life. If your month has been like
mine, then a little moment for meditation or contemplation would be most

Even better news is that the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square that
has been active the last few years will be de-activated after the month
of August, and we should have nearly a year of relief from the extremely
challenging outer planet aspects that comprise the Cardinal Cross, the
Cardinal T-Square and the various oppositions and squares that it
generates over a long period of time.”

Quote from Clarifying the Timeline of Change: 2012 and Beyond! by astrologer Bill Herbst:

“My take on the astrology of 2012 and beyond (basically, through the symbolism
and history of the Uranus-Pluto first-quarter square) is that this entire decade
be marked by an unfolding series of sporadic but ever-more-frequent
shocks,” Herbst contends. “The collective breakdowns/awakenings/cosmic
cattle prods/whatever will most likely unfold in increments. Each new development in the accelerating cascade of collapse/breakdown events will cause a small percentage of former sleepers to
be jolted awake. No single event or time period in the years ahead is likely to do
more than that. Though the pace of change does accelerate, the overview is still
little by little rather than all at once.”

“My private expectation is that we probably can’t look for any real or effective
responses at the collective level to the accelerating cascade of crises until the
last four years of the decade—2016 at the earliest,” Bill argues.