A lot of people are really scared about the economy these days. The feeling is almost tangible. Even children seem more on edge than usual and ask questions about if something terrible is going to happen to the world.

Personally I feel it too. I am more tired and feel both restless and in low spirit. But as I know they are not really my feelings, I wait for them to pass.

I remember being scared, though. When Leeman Brothers and the others went down I had a couple of pretty bad days. I can’t remember if it was two or three years ago. My memory is horrible – or maybe I just ignore liniar time… But it was Sept. 15.

It seemed that I could follow the potentials that this implied all the way to end of the conventional economy. I said goodbye to what little pension fund I had, feeling convinced that the money would be long gone before I reach retirement. I started wondering who owns a house if the institution you borrowed the money from has disappeared. I had a lot of questions. None of them have been answered yet.

As time passed I realised that I was waaaaay ahead of the game. I still have no idea if we are talking decades or even centuries. I do know now that no prediction is ever certain. We can change our future and do it all the time. Certain potentials are present, though, and I guess that’s what I tapped into.

The nice thing is that I not afraid any more. I have had plenty of time to get used to the idea that everything known about our financial institutions will eventually crumble. I still believe so. But I have also had time to think that in order to built new we must take down the old. Otherwise there would not be room. So take a look at what is falling: anything based on greed, power and manipulation.

Ok, so there probably won’t be any pension fund for me. But maybe I won’t need it. Maybe we’ll all have evolved so much that we help each other instead. Maybe we won’t need to retire because we are doing what we love. Maybe we won’t even get paid to work but just do what we are passionate about and have our needs covered that way.