I am not the big crystal geek – very un-New Age like there 🙂 My only weakness is Lemurian crystals. On the other hand I do love gems and to wear them as jewelry and sometimes I get impressions of the function of a gem, that I am wearing.

A year ago I started taking an interest in pearls. I started out with freshwater pearls and they were fun and pretty. Now I have been fortunate enough to recieve a string of very beautiful Tahitian pearls for my birthday. The pearls are a very personal gift as they were actually bought from the farmer who produce them, Kamoka Pearls.

I finished the necklace strand yesterday (I often make my own jewelry) and here are the impressions that came to me during the first hours I was wearing it. They came about as a series of text message to my colleague, Anne:

First impression:
Pearls are the essens of Nature. Completely without processing (unless they are modern day Akoya) contrary to gold. Therefore you get a very different effect by wearing pearls than wearing gold. It is not really a question of an economic investment but an energetic one. It is my impression that the expanded contact to Gaia could help me even further in being in the right place and avoid areas that do not serve me in this time of dramatic change. And strangely I feel even taller than usual here at the mall where I am right now.

Second impression:
The expanded contact with Gaia makes it easier for me to stay in my own space regardsless of where I am. Right now I am at the supermaket at the mall, a place that makes me want to run away screaming within minutes, but this time I am fine. I sense that the new connection will improve further my ability to absorb nutritients through other sources. It also does not feel coincidental that I only finished the necklace after finally managing two days without meat, after the vacation.

Third impression:
It is not so much a question of being grounded. It is more a question of getting more information because I access more scources. It is not without reason that I started taking an interest in pearls. It is also not without reason that I am solely attracted to saltwater pearls now. Freshwater pearls do not have this effect – something about bigger oysters and only one pearl pr. oyster, and perhaps the sea itself is closer connected or more focused to Gaia. The more pearls you wear, the stronger the effect.

Forth impression:
It is a fact that diamonds loose their shine when you wear them because they attract the grease from the skin and have to be cleaned constantly. Pearls on the other hand need contact with the skin to live/become activated – the more you wear them, the more beautiful they become. Diamonds connects upwards. Pearls connect you to Gaia. Together it must be near perfect, maybe the reason why powerful people through the ages have combined the two!