I should probably do a follow up on my knee and yoga.

It is quite common for me not to know why I am guided in a certain direction at the time when it happens. Alas, it is also not uncommon for me never to find out. But in the case of why I was keeping myself from attending yoga I actually found out.

It seems that I had been making myself focusing my energy completely – like an engine reving up and finally letting go. Apart from not opening up and sharing energy in the yoga class I had also felt the need to do any number of energy movements with my hands for a longer periode of time. Those are called ‘mudras’ and in this case they came about intuitively (meaning: I didn’t have a clue what I was doing). I am sure you can imagine how funny it looked.

I finally reached to point in my book where the main character sends out a magnetic DNA-modification. I had suspected for some time that something would be built into the book but I had no idea it would be so powerful! I wrote the paragraph and it was like letting loose the racecar. I sent energy for almost a full day, more powerful than anything I have experienced before, and it all made sense. That was what I had been preparing for.

I finished the book about two months ago and though I have started the next book, I think that for now at least I will be able to rejoin yoga class.