I have had knee problems, left knee, for some time. I have tried to work around it in different ways. At one point I got the impression that I had a blokage in the knee to keep me from pulling in too much disturbing energy. I tried to remedy that by “installing” a filter in the space between the surface and my foot. It helped for a while.

But the pain returned. For a while there seemed to be some connection between who I was with and how my knee felt. My main concern, though, was that the knee pain kept from going to yoga class.

In the fall I finally got started with yoga again and I enjoy it very much. Last Thursday I tried to go to class even though the knee was hurting. I had to acknowledge that yoga made the knee worse.

Finally I was ready to listen to what I had suspected for a while. Right now is not the time for me to go to yoga class. It is not the yoga as such but the class. The reason is that I am writing my first novel (in Danish) and I have suddenly got very caught up in that work. It has turned out to be a major piece of energy work. In fact I feel at times that I am not really here, being so absorbed in the world I have created.

The message my intuition was sending me was that I needed to stay completely focused in my energy for this work and not expose myself to large yoga classes where other peoples energy might blend with mine.

I know, it sounds silly, but you know what? The minute I told my yoga teacher I was taking a break the knee started improving. Today is the day after my decision and it is the first time in weeks that my knee hasn’t hurt. Wonder when I’ll be able to go back to yoga class… Maybe after I finish second volume as well? 🙁