I talk a lot. At least I think so myself. Or rather, it does depend on the situation. I can be very quiet but it is pretty boring at times.

I can also be quiet when I am listening to a person who has something to tell me. But when it comes to small talk I either chatter away or clam up completely. The last situation occurs if I am in the company of people who roll their eyes when they hear the words like “energy”. If my company is just in the least interested, that’s when I chatter away.

I saw a look of dawning understanding on the face of an aquintance today when I explained that I consider my talk a kind of buffet. Take what you need and want and leave the rest.

I never talk about time being non-linear or 12-stranded DNA or psychic impressiones to try to convince anyone that I am right. I’m just sharing my world. I don’t know if I am right. But in order to form your own opinion you need a lot of information to mold it from, cutting away what isn’t relevant to you.

That is what I offer when I chatter away. Information. Who knows what you might need. Who knows what you might need 20 years from now. I vividly remember the mother of my boyfriend’s friend taking an evening to tell me about past lives and how they might influence my present life. Duh? It took almost 20 years for me to believe in reincarnation. But she plantet a seed to what came much later for me.

This is also why I like to write. I tell my stories and you can take whatever you need from them. “Tales of White Magic” can be a bunch of more or less interesting tales or an extensive manual in how to do energy work. It’s all up to you. I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me how you use it. Love it 🙂