I just had a fun exchange with my dear friend Anne. About 2.5 years ago I was in Chennai, India, and had a palmleaf reading done. That is in itself a fun story. Note to self to copy that chapter from Tales of White Magic to this blog.

I reread my notes at times and doing so yesterday I realized that Anne had never read the notes. As we exchanged back and forth it became very clear to me that part of the reading wasn’t just for me. It was work we would be doing together.

Today we have been exchanging descriptions of room we have both seen in our minds for several years (in my case since that trip to India). It appears to be the same room. I see a very simple house, empty of furniture except a few chairs and a desk. I think it is in India. There is sun light coming in but the window is very high up and I can’t see out. One by one I heal the people who are coming into the room. There is a long line and people have waited a long time but they are patient. There is a translater in the room with me. The sessions are very fast. I am able to work through very many people but I am also very tired at the end.

Anne sees much of the same. She sees a glass with donations that I haven’t seen. But now I have been able to move my vision outside of the room and I see that it is not a single room. The house has a front part to it and from that half of the very small house (more like a clinic) there are two doors to two identical rooms. Anne is in one room and I am in the other.

According to the palm reading this is still a couple of years into the future. But what a wonderful adventure to look forward to!