I used to love spring. That was before I ended up in a house with a garden. These days spring mostly means that I have more items on my list of things I don’t want to do. And for some reason I can’t find anyone else to do them either.

I somehow dislike garden work as much as I dislike cleaning. I can’t really explain why. Haven’t got a clue. But I am boiling over and swearing while I work my way through getting the garden ready after the winter. Thoroughly ungrateful.

Great practice! Not of garden work but in trying (in vain) to accept a situation that cannot be changed. I cannot change the fact of the house presently and I also cannot change the need for getting the garden ready. So I have to do it.

As some wise men said: “If you can’t find joy, find at least acceptance”. I’m trying. Right now the best I can do is stay away from my family for a bit after I am done for the day to cool down. Which is not a bad idea either. I also went straight in to work on something I liked and was looking forward to doing. I went out for coffee a little later, another reward. And I have started early so that I will not ruin too much of the spring by trying to ignore the mess in the garden everytime I walk by.