A friend of mine called me last night. “What on Earth is happening?” she was asking. “The young children I work with as well as my own are going crazy. The parents are yelling at me and I thought I was centered but right now I feel completely thrown off.”

Check this list:

– The earthquake in Japan was so powerful that not only has Japan moved app. 4 meters. The aksis of the Earth has been moved a full 16.5 cm. This means that the Earth now rotates a tiny bit faster and the days now are a tiny bit shorter. This also means a realignment of the Earths magnectic field.

– It is full moon this Saturday (tomorrow) with the moon closer to the Earth than it has been in a long time and will be again until Nov. 2016. This means a stronger magnetic pull.

– Our bodies are made out of atoms. Atoms are held together by gravitational and magnetic forces. Change the magnetic grid on Earth and you change the make-up of our bodies.

– Add to this that it is spring equinox on Sunday, which by itself is always a point of powerful energy changes.

– Finally we all, at least subconsciously, pick up the distress of the people in Japan and in the Middeleast.

Is it any wonder that people feel beside themselves? And the children too. Like most adults they cannot voice why they are feeling completely off. They just don’t feel good and they are not shy to tell us.

What you can try to do for yourself and your children is to say this “I let go of all that isn’t mine.” It won’t fix the magnetic alignements going on but you may also give intention for those to happen as fast and easy as possible.

Finally, remember that it is only yours if you want it. If you stop looking for reasons for feeling out of sorts in your life and just accept that there are reasons for it that you can’t control, it is easier to wait it out. You don’t need to react. It really doesn’t have anything to do with you. And it will go away again.