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Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic service. There is much
fear in the air at this time, and I wish to give you this message of
hope. In January I told you that the numerology of this year was a four
(4). This is the GAIA number… all things dealing with the earth. I also
reminded you that the weight of the water is being redistributed from
the ice on the polar caps to the oceans as the ice continues to melt.
This would result in more earthquakes and volcanoes. Here is also a
quotation from that channeling:

“Now we say it again. This is not punishment to humanity. The
things that are happening on the planet today are not meant as the final
step of Gaia in order to kill the civilization of humanity. I say this,
for right now this message is on the lips of those who want to startle
and scare you and give you fear, that is not what’s happening. What is
happening on this planet is a shift that will create a planet that’s
going to last a long time, allowing you what you need …”

(From Boulder channelling)

Now, suddenly the month of the three (March) it is upon you. The
three represents the catalyst. A catalyst is something that occurs,
which can changes something else. Anyone dealing in numerology would
have expected Gaia to move in this month, as well as the month of the 5
(May) coming later.

Those in the sweet country [Japan] who received this disaster are not
the target of God. They simply sit in a place that has always been ripe
with GAIA change and are volcanic and earthquake sensitive. Just like
their counterparts in South America, this is where they chose to live.
The compassion generated by this event is considerable, and I have also
channeled recently that it is compassion that creates significant change
on the planet, and you are starting to see it.

1. Let us take a moment to also remind you that Spirit does not
know when these events are coming any more than you do. All we have is
the potentials based on Human consciousness and the energetic signs
around them. We knew that the South American earthquake was coming soon,
and told those in Chile one year before the event. The Japan earthquake
was similar, in that the potentials were there, and also the
numerology. But details are absolutely not known by Spirit in these
things, and it could have been years before it happened in this way, or
not at all. This is because we have given Humanity the tool of
consciousness over matter. Your shift determines everything.

Dear ones, send energy of compassion to those on this island nation,
and give them the strength and resolve to bring forward a greater nation
due to this. Help unite them in love and family as they cope with the
loss and the separation. “BE” their family in this time.

Be aware that each one who passed over in these last few days
absolutely knew at the Akashic level that there was a potential they
would not last past 2011. We have spoken of this many times before. At
the wind of birth, potentials are known about what the Humans might do
on the earth. This is not fortune telling, but rather potential
measuring. Since this was the strongest potential, these beautiful
aspects of God [Humans] came into this planet anyway as spiritual
family, ready to participate in one of the largest disaster events of
your decade. They knew it would change much, and it will.

Celebrate their lives and know that they are ALL home. Now, send
energy to those left behind that they might find peace in the fact that
those who were lost did something amazing for the planet. They increased
the compassion level of the crystalline grid. They have done their
part, and left you to do yours.

2. Are you now aware of what I have been telling you for more
than ten years about the alternate ways of creating electricity? This
single event will shut down your nuclear programs for years. So now is
the time to review what we have said:

Spirit does not judge humanity. Humans are free to do whatever they
choose based on the consciousness that is developed by their own
vibrations. For years, however, we have told you of very viable
alternative ways to create power for all your cities. We have done it
over and over, and you can find these channellings all through my work.
Now perhaps you know why we have concentrated on this issue, for this
one earthquake shows you the danger you face world-wide by continuing on
the nuclear path. Listen: You do NOT need this technology any longer.
It will not serve you well.

Nuclear power is a very expensive and dangerous way to create a steam
engine. That’s all a nuclear plant is… a way to create steam. Again we
tell you that you can use the funds that would create one nuclear power
plant to research far better ways to make electricity that are not
dangerous and have almost no environmental impact.

A. Geo thermal energy: Heat is underneath your feet in abundance.
You can create as much steam as you want forever. Remember, there are
some new exotic fluids that will boil far faster than water, so the heat
does not have to be what you think. If this disaster had occurred at a
geo thermal plant, the worst it would have done would have ruined it.
Then you build another.

B. Thousands of tons of push pull energy per hour, on a constant
fixed time line [the tides] are available on your coast lines. This
island nation is perfect for tide and wave generated power. Again, the
worst thing that would have happened to these plants would have been the
necessity to rebuild them. No danger to those living around them.

Are you going to take this world-changing event to finally see these
options as real, and viable? The nuclear disaster was created for you to
stop and change direction. Only time will tell if it was worth it. But
quite often disaster must occur before Humanity sees what has always
been before them… the promise of something better.

The largest cities on earth sit on the ocean, perfect for this power
generated option. But it has not been seen this way, nor are the
potentials being realized. Think large! Take the finest minds and create
new scenarios to harness what GAIA has given you… the power of the
tides and oceans forever, right where you need it the most.

The time is upon you to create the next step…

Given in love… always,