To my surprise I find that I am not really fond of being right – at least not when it comes to big serious things that happens to the world such as problems with nuclear plants in Japan.

I have gotten used to being wrong about the glimpses I apparently catch of the future. Right now I am writing on a novel in Danish, “The Journey from Utopia”, that I started working on half a year ago. In this book Utopia is huge urban society in the future that has solved all practical problems but where the inhabitants are dying out at an alarming rate due to genetic defects.

Even further back I wrote the story, “The Day We Sang The Cities Away”, a story I am very fond of with an unusual angle to how we can eventually clean up the mess we have made on Earth. The first real test in the story is the clearing of a broken down nuclear plant.

I am a bit spooked by this.

I thought about posting the story on the blog but it is fairly long. I suggest instead that you send me an email if you want cheering up and I’ll send you the story.