When something as dramatic as the present situation in Japan happens I always try to look for the bigger lines, energetically as any idea of punishement is not a part of my world.

Here a few things I have noticed. Maybe you have found others.

As I watched the photage of the tsumani and and saw its progression I thought of World War 2. I have seen in Bali how the Japanese are still met with animosity. It seemed to me that the immense flow of water was a cleansing of the last residues of the war. Water cleanses though not always gently.

It seems to me that is hard for Asia to keep hating a people that now face the trouble that Japan faces. Instead compassion is found – an opening of the heart. And perhaps even the old mix of guilt and war fare is replaced by admiration of how the Japanese handle all the challenges of earth quake, tsunami and nuclear threat.