Both my husband and my son has absolute pitch. It is a great joy to have piano playing people of this caliber in the house. Peter can in fact play just about any song on any instrument you throw his way. How about “Smoke on the water” on recorder?

The only thing is that we have all basically forgotten that I was the one who brought the piano into the relationship and in fact had great joy in playing it myself. I have also accepted a long time ago that I will never be a great singer. Turns out I have a past life as a jazz singer and that passion (but not the talent) has kept me company this time around as well.

In fact I do as per definition not play any instrument nor sing anything other than childrens songs at bedtime – and they are getting too big that. The kind of talent the rest of the family has is quite intimidating.

But several years ago I somehow managed to give Peter as a present an instrument he does not play. It was a mistake. I heard him say that he had played a saxophone and I loooove saxophones so in a way the present was quite egoistic. I just wanted to listen to the sweet sound. Problem is that I knew more about playing the saxophone from the 6 months training I rewarded myself many years ago than Peter. Peter can make it sound only like a ferry leaving the dock. And though the ferry can play songs it is not much of a treat.

Lately I have been eying the saxophone wondering if perhaps, not in that dark of the night, but maybe in the morning when all have left the house, I might take up playing it a bit again. When Peter got the saxophone I simply could not find my old book with lessons, though I found other old pieces for the instrument. Yesterday I was cleaning out a drawer – and out comes the lesson book! I am positive that it was not there the last time and that we never did find it previously.

Now all the pieces are back together – there is even a single read left of the old reads that worked well for me. So I can get more of the same kind. I guess I am running out of excuses except the one about not having enough time. But I know that we make time for what we really want to do. Maybe I should try… Some part of me is sure eager to go.