A funny mood is with me these days – actually there are several, but I want to write about the mood that really makes me miss Scotland.

It’s crazy. I have been there twice – in this life – and without bothering to count I would say it was at least 20 years ago.

I remember it vividly. The weather was rotten but that was part of the beauty. All the rolling hills were radiently green and somewhere in the distance there would be a crack in the cloud cover with the sun rays sparkling off the granite village on the hill side.

There was the whiskey, and no surprise that it was invented in Scotland. You needed it to get warm again. And then of course the language, probably the most sexy English related dialect.

I don’t know why I suddenly miss t so much. I have dug out all of my old Runrig CD’s and play them in the car singing along with my best approximation of a Scottish accent. Memories come back to me of being a young ‘lass’ trying to talk my love into fighting against the English. Well, you can guess how that went.