This is so strange, haven’t gotten over it yet. I write books. I don’t publish books – yet, but I write, can’t help it anymore. These days I am writing my first real novel. Up until now I have written either of my own experiences, done short stories or written a few manuscripts for childrens books.

So deciding to write book I in a trilogy has been a challenge. My plan has been to finish the first book before summer and I have slowly but steadily been writing.

Less than two weeks ago I made some energetic changes, freeing more time for myself. I thought I would like to paint more. I was wrong. Since then I have been run over by ideas for childrens illustrated books. I am not one for illustrating myself but I write a story pr. day! Four days a week! I just sit down and write the one of my many ideas that I have decided to do that day.

I did four stories last week and it looks like four more this week, with another three ideas still waiting in line. I wonder where it will lead – maybe to publishing? In my opinion each script is a lottery ticket. The more tickets, the better the chance. And the wider the scope the better the chance.