For almost 6 months I have been regularly in touch with Sedgwick Claims Management Service due to a fall I suffered this summer at a Ross Store. Now I have finally given up trying to get a decent settlement from them. The most intersting point, though, is how I have been feeling about this.

You might well be aware of this but we build energy into all our written communication, even emails. This is why sometimes a feeling surfaces even before you have opened an email to read it. Every single time I have recieved an email from Sedgwick CMS, I have felt afraid and angry.

This is puzzling because even though I have worked hard to get a decent settlement, I have no financial issues due to the injury as I live in Denmark with free health care. But still I have had this knot of fear in my stomach every time and at the same time I have become more angry than I ever get at anyone. I want to sue them, make them pay and if I had one of their employees physically in front of me, I would probably be tempted to take a sving at him/her.

Wow! That is intense! I am usually never like that and frankly I don’t enjoy it the least which is why I give up, which makes me angry, because they win, which… So I am just going to stop right here 🙂 It makes me curious about what kind of work place Sedgwick CMS is? What do they do to their employers to radiate such negativity in their emails? And I also finally named my complex feelings. It is called “feeling powerless”.

Suddenly I understand a little better what can make someone take a gun and start shooting. Or what makes children have tantrums. I don’t know if we can melt the people or institutions that makes us feel powerless with unconditional love. Heaven knows I have tried 🙂 But if we understand a bit more about the anger and frustration that they impart to people, we can certainly help melt that anger with love. Most people, young or old, really want to be “seen” and to have their situation recognized. Maybe next time we feel like getting angry right back at someone, we can try to send love from the heart. Who knows, maybe they just had an unpleasant email and their anger has nothing to do with you 🙂