Right here where I am now, Copenhagen Denmark, there is a very strange feeling in the air. It is foggy and oh so quiet.

I learned once that fog is a tool of easing the path across the veil. It certainly seems that way today. It feels magical and mysterious but not bad in any way.

I feel tired, as if I need to stay calm and I do know one person who spent the whole weekend and then some dealing with major cleansing of both herself and her child. I have a feeling that it took place right now to get ready for the energies of today.

I checked the date. I am not into numerology in any major way but I do experience some dates being energy portals. If it had been 21-1-11 today that might have explained todays energy flow. It wasn’t 🙂

So, it is just here, flowing peaceful upgrating energy. Relax, sit back, breathe deeply and drink it in…