This comment is about Tunisia. I have to say that until a few weeks ago I knew very little about this country. I had spent a cold week in February with my parents when I was 11 years old. I remember the white hotel, the food my dad and I didn’t like, the interesting market with the far too pushy sellers, being too visibly a tourist and the marveless wonder of the ruins of Carthage.

I had not given any thought to how the people of Tunisia might live or their form of government. Until this January we just didn’t hear very much about Tunisia. Then a young man killed himself by setting fire to himself because he could not even get to sell produce to help feed his family. Suddenly Tunisia got turned upside down.

There was a dictator. He has now fled. The people have taken charge. Everything is changing. Remember this sentence “Everything is changing”. Does change always have to be feared? In this case I guess only feared by the absent dictator and his people. When you find yourself fearing change maybe it is time to wonder what good might come it. And I at least marvel at how the actions of one man at the right time can change a whole country. Sometimes it only takes one single person.