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A random collection of questions, answers, comments, and links, all related to the world changes.
The time is now and the choice is yours! What reality do you choose to live in? One of drama and chaos or one of joy and abundance...
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Comments Posted on Jan 21, 2011 03:11PM

I don’t know about you but I feel that the year was off to a fairly rough start after a fairly rough ending.

All sorts of alignments got thrown at us with winter solstice, 01-01-11, new moon with eclipse, 01-10-11…

Right now there seems to be a bit of breathing space. The practical issues that were stalling, such as finding a new tenant, have been solved. Feb. 1. is still a long ways away, even the water around the globe seems to have become more dormant.

Remember to enjoy it while it lasts if you feel the same way.

By the way, did you notice something about what has happened as a result of all the flooding? People are helping each other! I saw an interview with a woman outside of Brisbane who didn’t know half of the people who was helping her. The same goes for the people of Brisbane.

My very gifted astrologer friend has said for several years that part of what is happening now is a lesson in learning to help each other and work together. Maybe all is not what it seems 🙂 Maybe what we see are not disasters but learning tools.


Comments Posted on Jan 21, 2011 02:59PM

I originally started this blog to post links to other websites and add a few general comments, so that I wouldn’t have to remember to email those of my friends who might need the information.

Well, I haven’t used the blog much and now we have entered 2011 and I am getting the message from many sources that it is time to stop hiding. I will start writing much more actively. As before it will be a mixture of references to information I find useful when trying to make sense of what is happening in our world, and my own observations.

Everything here on the blog is yours if you want it. But in order to make myself available to more people on a more personal level I have made an addition to my website: a subscription page (

I don’t think I have actually seen such a construction before but I like the idea because it opens up to a more direct, rather than passive, interaction. It is an offer to you to use as you like. Would you like personal training in how to get rid of the drama in your life? Or in how to find your passion? Would you like to discuss health issues? Whatever you want to know, I’ll give you my take on it combined with the sudden flashes that comes from my intuition when dealing with people. It will cost you less and be more flexible than any workshop or personal session, whatever level you might want to choose.

Though I love to write and intereact I am not sure yet how many people I can promise my interaction to at a given time. That is why the subscription service will be subject to a waiting list when I reach my maximum – whenever that will be.

The good news is that my e-books are still available through my website and the blog is all for free too as is the free initiations to the energy of The Temple of Love in Atlantis on my website. Nothing has changed in that sense. I have just opened up to more possibilities.

What else am I doing right now? I have finished translating “Creating Your Own Reality – A Survival Kit” to Danish. I felt a need for it in my native language. It was quite a challenge to convert the language but it is now being edited by some helpful people and by next month I should be able to have a go at some lucky Danish publisher 🙂

I have just resumed my work on a fiction triology in Danish that I started in December. This means that there will be no new English writing for a while longer. I do have a store of stories that do not yet fill a volume but I really want to finish the first book, The Journey To Utopia, by June at the latest.

I seem to finally be getting our house ready for sale. I have been wanting to move for several years but no matter how much you try to manifest, the timing is not always right. I think it might be now.

Finally I need to get ready to host a pink birthday party on Sunday for eight 7-year olds.