This comment is of a more personal nature. This summer I was visiting a Ross store in California, slipped on a hanger on the floor and fell.

Now, had this happened back in Denmark some employee in the store might have apologized and helped me up and any medical bills would have been taken care of by the social health care.

But I fell and hurt myself in the US. So while I was on the floor, still trying to figure out if anything was broken and not wanting to move, a very concerned store employee came running, helped me sit, offered water, took a report and provided me with a claims number.

This was a brand new world opening up to me – or at least a new set of experiences 🙂

At first I thought, what a great thing it was for a company to take responsability for their negligence. I could also smell their fear of law suits. A whole industry grew from this US-based fear. It took me a while to realize that that Ross has employed a company to handle their claims, Sedgwick Claims Management Service. So you’ve got lawers, claims companies, doctors, etc. all in business, what a way to keep people employed and keep money circulating. Or might it be to settle claims fast and efficient with the least inconvinience? Impressed!

By now, almost 6 months hence, I am less impressed. I feel I got black listed when I turned down Sedgwick’s first offer right after the accident. I got an email with a severe warning about what costs they might not pay and had I lived in the US and had to cover my own medical bills I would have felt very nervous about the situation.

By now Sedgwick ignores my emails and I am currently trying to figure out if it is one of those companies, where the main issue is to avoid settle any claims, or if the employees are plain overworked. I hope it is the last situation but I suspect that it is the first.

What a drama! Is there not a more simple way? Like where I live? I don’t even know the script. I wonder what I am supposed to do now according to the script. Find a lawer and file a law suit to keep the money flowing? That would certainly be another first experience 🙂 Pour a little more drama into the US that is already overflowing? Any suggestions from people who know more about this cycles of money/fear/drama than I do? Please feel free to mail me at