I really like this latest newsletter from Dick Sutphen, www.dicksutphen.com:

If you are not really working to get what you say you want, you don’t really want it. You may think you want it, but not really, or you’d be doing something to manifest it in your life. Obviously, you’re putting other things first and you’re fooling yourself about your priorities.

We’re all extremely busy and there is no possible way we can put everything in the number one, or two, or three priority position. But just for fun, why not list your priorities, by how you spend your free time.

Darcy says she wants to find a husband. She talks about it endlessly. She is ready to settle down and have children. But Darcy spends her time with other women enjoying female athletics. She rarely sees a single man because the events are just for women. I asked her, “If you find a husband, a lot of things are going to change in your life. What are the changes you won’t like?”

She thought for a moment. “Well, I’m not going to give up my sports activities with the girls.”

“But your sports activities take up all your spare time,” I said. “Are you saying if you had a husband, you would not make any time for him?”

She looked at me with a blank expression. The thought had never occurred to her. She was not doing anything to find a husband. She wasn’t even on any of the social or dating websites. Darcy was not clear on her intent.

Morgan examined his priorities by the amount of free time he spent on each one. 1) sex, because he spends a couple of hours a day visiting porn sites. I told him I didn’t think his first priority was sex, or he’d be out chasing women for a couple hours a day. “Your first priority is being a sexual voyeur.” He didn’t like that. When I initially asked him what his first priority was, he said, “Developing my psychic ability.”

Marie listed her priorities as, 1) her boyfriend that she plans to marry, 2) her career, 3) horseback riding. But she spends all her free time at her mother’s house, she does no cooking, and although he wants children, she refuses to even talk about it. She is a hairdresser, but she gripes nonstop about her clients and the work. And she admits that the last time she went horseback riding was at a rental stable eight months ago.

If you’re not working to get what say you want, you don’t really want it.