Karen Bishop has relaesed a mini ebook. Please see below:


The very first mini e-book has just been posted on the Emerging Earth
Angels web site and is ready for viewing. Heaven’s Gate describes
our current status as earth angels, why many are feeling that
there is nowhere left to go, what we can do about it and why this
is occurring, why many are feeling a need to be “closed” when we
thought we would be “open,” specific guidelines for opening and
managing our store-fronts during these unusual times, and much, much
more about how to now run our new energies while navigating in the
old world and lower dimensions.

This e-book is offered to you by donation only. To access Heaven’s
Gate, kindly click on the link below or go to the Newest WINGS
page or Home page on the web site, and utilize the link in the
Mini E-Books text box at the right of the page: