What if the economy of a country was to colapse completely?

Hmm, that already happened. Iceland went bankrupt.

What if the world economy was to colapse completely? All money disappear? How would we get food? What would be your contribution? What would you barter with?

I seem to be musing a lot along those lines. My passion is to create and teach. Teaching might not get me food for my family but my creations just might. These days I have started creating silk scarves and personalized bracelets made with gem beads.

As I work and as I order new materials I feel like a squirril stocking up for winter. The more scarves I have stored away, the more Lemurian crystals I have sitting in my meditation room without being sold, the safer I feel.

I guess I ought to be sad that what I am passionate about does not have a very high market value right now. I almost wish it would continue to be so. But I can’t shake the feeling that I am preparing for winter and will be ever so happy to be able to pull one after the other of my creations and passions out of my drawers, the day when money is no longer available.